Tasty Tuesday: Philippe’s

Been a while since I’ve talked about food. At least here, I talk about food constantly in real life.

Lucas and I did some antiquing/thrifting on Sunday. There was a large shelving unit, cabinet thing at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store that I really wanted. It would have been great to hold all my yarn! But it was huge and I didn’t want to deal with delivery options. Anyway, I was getting kind of hangry, so we went to Chinatown to get some lunch.

We went to a local favorite, Philippe’s: “Home of the Original French Dip Sandwich.”. For years I avoided going there because I don’t eat beef. Little did I know that they have turkey French dips too!

Here’s a scene from the restaurant:


Aren’t these brick walls cool?


Their turkey French dip is delicious too. We usually get a turkey french dip with Swiss cheese. Also a cheese sandwich with American and Swiss cheese. And here’s the trick: a side of coleslaw to put on the cheese sandwich. I have been a rabid hater of coleslaw for as long as I can remember. I would even give it a try every so often and still hate it. It feels like a waste of space. I would usually rather have nothing than a cup of coleslaw with my sandwich. I am either changing, or the coleslaw is really that good. (Maybe a little of both, I’ve since had gross coleslaw and surprisingly tasty coleslaw.).


When we first started dating it bothered me that we always split food. He even wanted to split a single piece of pizza, and not cut down the middle, just alternating bites. I am a little too rigid for that kind of thing early on. I also refuse to sit on the same side of the table at a restaurant if we are by ourselves. But now I’m really loving all the food splitting. It basically guarantees that I get a sweet and a savory item during brunch. Also in that picture we are sitting on the same side of the table. But it is bench seating, not like a booth or anything…

Long story short, if you live in Los Angeles and you haven’t been to Philippe’s, what are you waiting for?! There are vegetarian options! I haven’t been to Cole’s, their French dip rival, but I hear I’m not missing anything. Btw, Cole’s is the “originator of the french dip sandwich”. I think I heard a radio piece about who to believe, but I don’t remember. French dip thoughts?


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  1. Oh! Cole’s and Philippe’s BOTH claim to have invented the French Dip sandwich, Jill. Cole’s is just so-so. Philippe’s is the BEST!!!

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