the 80s

Two surefire signs that the 80’s are finally back for me.  Me!  The person who is still avoiding leggings as pants:

1.  I am knitting a sweater where the body circumference is 68 inches.  Yes, 68 inches.  That is not a typo!  What, am I crazy?!  I do know that I will need to get a picture of two people inside of this sweater before I sew up the shoulder seams.  Here’s the progress on my Boxy.

I am half way through my yarn, so hopefully that means I am at least half way through the sweater.  Did I mention that each round is 390 stitches.  And 68″ around!!

2.  These are my new glasses frames.

Lucas bought them for me at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last weekend.  I still need to get lenses put in them.  I almost never wear glasses because they give me headaches and my old glasses were always slipping off my little nose.  Maybe I’ll get more use out of these ones!

What 80’s redux fashion will be next for me?  Who knows?  I think I will still hold out on those leggings.


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