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Tiny Obama pattern

Today is the day!  I finally released the Tiny Obama pattern on Ravelry.  It is available as a free Ravelry download here.  Oh boy.  I made the mistake of starting a Ravelry pattern page for it early because I forgot that it would be immediately broadcast in the New Patterns section.  I just wanted to have a pattern page ready before I figured out how to do the free download.  I think someone posted it somewhere and it took off like crazy!  Which is exciting, yes, but it did stir up some controversy.

On the pattern page I had suggested that people could donate to the campaign if they liked the pattern.  In my mind, this wasn’t any different from people suggesting that you donate to some other charitable cause in lieu of payment.  And this was in no way a requirement, just a suggestion.  I guess this really made it a political issue and some people got really angry about it.  The funny thing is, I’m really not that political of a person.  Yes, I’m a strong Obama supporter, but I don’t debate people and I would never give anyone a hard time for having different views than me.  I ended up getting a few nasty comments.  One said that I was like the people that allowed Hitler to come to power.  This I don’t understand.  Goodness, it wasn’t a Mussolini doll!  I ended up taking down the campaign contribution suggestion because I was hearing that it made people feel uncomfortable.  Hopefully all unpleasantness is in the past.  Maybe someone will come up with a Romney doll as a rebuttal.

Here’s an idea of something to do with your Obammie:

You can put a pinback on his head and make him into a lapel pin.  You could also insert a magnet into his head and put him on your fridge.  You like my super political outfit for the photo shot?  I cheated a bit for this shot, and just used a large pin to pin him on instead of sewing on anything.

A couple people suggested that I send one to the White House.  I think I might just do this.  The main question is if I want to knit an 8th one!  Maybe it would go to the Obama Presidential Library one day!

Please keep any comments civil, if you don’t mind!  (You know, all of the 5 people that comment on this blog).  Also, this is the first pattern that I’ve ever really typed up.  If you are making an Obammie and notice any errors or have any questions, please contact me here or on Ravelry and I’ll try to straighten it out.  Thanks!



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Tasty Tuesday: Philippe’s

Been a while since I’ve talked about food. At least here, I talk about food constantly in real life.

Lucas and I did some antiquing/thrifting on Sunday. There was a large shelving unit, cabinet thing at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store that I really wanted. It would have been great to hold all my yarn! But it was huge and I didn’t want to deal with delivery options. Anyway, I was getting kind of hangry, so we went to Chinatown to get some lunch.

We went to a local favorite, Philippe’s: “Home of the Original French Dip Sandwich.”. For years I avoided going there because I don’t eat beef. Little did I know that they have turkey French dips too!

Here’s a scene from the restaurant:


Aren’t these brick walls cool?


Their turkey French dip is delicious too. We usually get a turkey french dip with Swiss cheese. Also a cheese sandwich with American and Swiss cheese. And here’s the trick: a side of coleslaw to put on the cheese sandwich. I have been a rabid hater of coleslaw for as long as I can remember. I would even give it a try every so often and still hate it. It feels like a waste of space. I would usually rather have nothing than a cup of coleslaw with my sandwich. I am either changing, or the coleslaw is really that good. (Maybe a little of both, I’ve since had gross coleslaw and surprisingly tasty coleslaw.).


When we first started dating it bothered me that we always split food. He even wanted to split a single piece of pizza, and not cut down the middle, just alternating bites. I am a little too rigid for that kind of thing early on. I also refuse to sit on the same side of the table at a restaurant if we are by ourselves. But now I’m really loving all the food splitting. It basically guarantees that I get a sweet and a savory item during brunch. Also in that picture we are sitting on the same side of the table. But it is bench seating, not like a booth or anything…

Long story short, if you live in Los Angeles and you haven’t been to Philippe’s, what are you waiting for?! There are vegetarian options! I haven’t been to Cole’s, their French dip rival, but I hear I’m not missing anything. Btw, Cole’s is the “originator of the french dip sandwich”. I think I heard a radio piece about who to believe, but I don’t remember. French dip thoughts?

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Boxy update

So, do you think this sweater is going to fit? Ha!


This sweater is blocking and hopefully won’t look ridiculous! I just love how wide it is. Finished pictures next week!

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Space shuttle Endeavor

We got a great view of the space shuttle at work a few minutes ago as it flew over Hollywood on its way to Griffith Park and JPL in Pasadena.

I took a video but am not sure how to share that while blogging from my phone.

Here’s my favorite photo:


Any one else get a good vantage point?

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the 80s

Two surefire signs that the 80’s are finally back for me.  Me!  The person who is still avoiding leggings as pants:

1.  I am knitting a sweater where the body circumference is 68 inches.  Yes, 68 inches.  That is not a typo!  What, am I crazy?!  I do know that I will need to get a picture of two people inside of this sweater before I sew up the shoulder seams.  Here’s the progress on my Boxy.

I am half way through my yarn, so hopefully that means I am at least half way through the sweater.  Did I mention that each round is 390 stitches.  And 68″ around!!

2.  These are my new glasses frames.

Lucas bought them for me at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last weekend.  I still need to get lenses put in them.  I almost never wear glasses because they give me headaches and my old glasses were always slipping off my little nose.  Maybe I’ll get more use out of these ones!

What 80’s redux fashion will be next for me?  Who knows?  I think I will still hold out on those leggings.

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I’ve gotten a few yarns done recently.  Two of them didn’t take too much time, because I was really just fixing some previous problems.

Here is some Acid-dyed Optim fiber that Jill P. helped me dye, um, 3 years ago:

The Optim really compacts, so the dye didn’t really penetrate through to all layers.  The yarn ended up being a little more pastel than the fiber.  I spun and plied the fiber into a laceweight yarn.  I have no idea how long ago.  But it’s been sitting in my in-progress pile since then.  The problem being that the finished yarn looked limp and dead.  Even though I put a fair amount of ply twist into it, the plies seemed to be drifting apart in sections.  I finally decided to do something about it.  I put the hank of yarn back on to my swift (a.k.a. my lampshade) and just fed it back through the wheel again.  This time I just added extra ply twist into it.  I had never done that before, but it worked like a charm!  I refinished the yarn and am totally happy with it now.

Of course, now I can’t remember how much fiber I used.  I keep meaning to getting new batteries for my scale and not doing it.  I’ll have to find a special project to use it on.  It can’t be more than 400yds.

Here’s a close-up:

Here’s another spinning project that needed a revamp.  This is an old picture, and I’m pretty embarrassed to show how crappy this looks.  This is two skeins of Ashland Bay Merino in Sandalwood and Purple:

The Sandalwood I am very happy with.  But take a closer look at that Purple.  Yuck!  Can you see how loosely plied some of it is?  I was also having some trouble with putting too much twist in my singles at the time.  This was a little more than three years ago.  I think I needed much more ply twist to counteract the singles twist.  I knew I wanted to use these yarns together, but the purple skein was in shambles!

I re-plied the purple skein, and much better!:

I was also realizing while plying, how much more even my spinning is now than it was three years ago.  Even though I don’t devote much time to it, I guess practice does make perfect.  I am now using these yarns together to make a handspun Scalene.  I have it set up so that the solid section of the scarf will be in purple.  I’m starting to regret this a little because I think the Sandalwood is a more interesting color.

I’m only partway through my Scalene.  I got sidetracked with a KAL in the Joji  group on Ravelry.  I’m knitting Boxy, and a giant oversized sweater in fingering weight is going to need all of my attention!  I’m worried it will be awhile before I have any finished items to show…

Any fun plans for the weekend?

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Forgot to mention that my rap album drops on Tuesday.


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