Tasty Tuesday: Knit Hot Dog Man

I couldn’t get a real food post together today, but I wanted to share a little knit food item I made.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with the “hot dog man” for a few years.  It started when we saw a giant one from my work building on a neighboring rooftop.  After googling, it turns out it’s a real phenomenon.  And once you see one, you see them all over the place.  I even saw an art piece that was a giant ceramic hot dog man giving birth to another one.

A long series of events led to me owning two small ones!  They are about two and a half feet tall.  They live at my work.  I used to want one outside of my apartment, but I was worried about someone stealing it.  My coworkers also got really into the hot dog man.  Earlier this year, one of my coworkers got very sick and took a leave of absence.  I made a little knit version of the hot dog man to send to her.

My Rav page here.

I used Anna Hrachovec’s Tiny Hot Dog pattern from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.  I added the arms, legs, mustard and ketchup and sport socks.  I put some wire through the segments to allow him to stand up.  The yarn is all Knit Picks Palette, knit probably on 2.5mm needles.

I was catching up on blogs the other day and realized that Anna had featured my little guy on her blog a couple weeks ago.  I was beyond flattered!  I love all of her cute patterns!

I am not sure if my little tiny hot dog man made it to its recipient.  I may have had the wrong address.  Sadly, my coworker passed away after an 8-year fight with breast cancer.  Her obituary is here.  She is definitely missed.  I hope this little guy gave her some enjoyment.

I love knitting tiny toys and think I will make many more in the future!



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