FO: Orbs Cowl

Today is a 2-fer.  I get to show off my new finished cowl, and my new haircut!  I recently watched a previous season of Project Runway.  The one with Anya on it.  I became obsessed with her hair!  I kept talking and talking about how I wanted to shave the sides of my head, but would never do it.  I got up the nerve and went to Stag Hair Parlor on Melrose.  I ended up going with a sidecut, and just got one side shaved.  I can play it up if I want, and still cover it at other times.  Fortunately I don’t have a job that is strict about appearances.

Here is my “before” hair shot (self-portrait in bathroom mirror):

And here’s the after!:

I like it.  I’ve gotten mixed reviews at work.  Some people just aren’t mentioning it.  One coworker said that he hadn’t wanted to say anything because he, “wasn’t sure why.”.  Like maybe I was getting brain surgery or something.  He kept digging himself in deeper.  It was kind of amazing to watch.  🙂

Now on to the cowl:

Pattern: Orbs Cowl by Robin Ulrich in Knit Scene Accessories, 2012

Yarn: Noro Chirimen in color 6B, about 1.9 skeins

Start Date: July 15,2012

Finish Date: July 26, 2012

My Ravelry project here.

Mods: none.  The pattern calls for an aran weight yarn, and I substituted a DK weight instead.  But this Chirimen is so uneven, and my skeins were pretty thick.  There were some thinner sections, but much of it was aran weight.  I still used the larger needles and the same amount of stitches.  I thought about stopping shorter and making some mitts too, but this cowl really compresses down.  Non-compressed it’s tube top sized.  There were two knots total.  I was able to keep the color changes consistent though, by reordering the balls a little bit.  This is a pretty wild colored yarn, so I thought this simple pattern would work well with it.  I think it matches up okay, but it is kind of a riot of color.

My Grace Jones whimple photo.  I wouldn’t wear the cowl this way, but it is possible if it’s raining out!

Another gratuitous hair photo:

That’s it for today.  I’ve been having some drama with my Ravellenics project.  I’ll try to share my progress next week.  Any fun plans for the weekend?


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  1. I looooooove it. I love the haircut – I’m so glad you decided to go ahead and do it. I also love that cowl. You already know how I feel about that yarn…me wants.

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