New stuff!

Time to catch you all up on my latest crafty purchases.  The other weekend I went to Convergence, the Handweavers Guild of America‘s conference, down in Long Beach.  I roped Michele into going with me.  I had never been to that part of Long Beach.  I didn’t expect such a big city.  I have only been to the Belmont Shores side of town, and only then for Halloween dog parades!  We really just hit the marketplace.  I had refused to pay for parking for the whole day (why am I so cheap?!), so I rushed us a bit.  It was a little empty, but maybe we were there when everyone was in classes.  There was lots to look at and admire.  I had been worried that I would come home with a loom, but I’m not that easily persuaded.  I did pick up a few items to come home with me.

First purchases were from the Forbidden Woolery:

This is Pride Lace in Goldilocks.  It has Stellina sparkles in it.  I was really drawn to all of their yellows.  And as an impulse add-on, I got this lovely:

This is Pride in Dingle Peninsula.  It’s a fingering weight yarn, also with sparkles.  I don’t often do variegated yarns, but this is on the border of being semi-solid.  I think it will make a nice shawlette someday.

I have been really good at avoiding fiber purchases recently.  In fact, I didn’t buy any yarn from January to May!  I fell off the wagon in June, and it’s been kind of bad since.  I need to get spinning so that I can get through some of my fiber.  I bought a few braids at the Rain City Fiber Arts booth.  They had lots of beautiful rovings.  These two were in the sale bin.  This is the kind of thing that I don’t find all that pretty, but am totally intrigued with.

I think it will be interesting to see how these spin up.  I like how fiber with a lot of white turns all the colors a nice pastel.  They are both merino and seasilk.  I might actually spin up that white/blue/green one next to see how it comes out.

This one is a BJS Fiber braid of Merino/Bamboo/Silk.  I am totally into yellows and oranges right now.  Colors that were not my favorites in the past.  This orange really speaks to me!

That’s all from Convergence.  I have also been stalking Etsy for box pouches.  I’ve seen some blogs where people have used the Melody Miller Viewmaster fabric in their quilts and I am obsessed!  I loved ViewMaster as a kid.  Our favorites disk was the Michael Jackson’s Thriller one.  I was trying to find someone who had made a box pouch out of this fabric.  This was easier said than done.  But eventually, I saw someone sew a clutch in that fabric and she also made box pouches.  I convo’d Kaelin from The Plaid Scottie and she made me a custom order one!  I love it!

This is the large size.  It would be a good size for a sweater-in-progress.  She added that strap for me too.  Easy to grab and go.  I also ordered a medium one from her store:

Here’s a size comparison:

I know a lot of people make these pouches, but I would definitely recommend Kaelin.  These came super quickly.  She has a great selection of fabrics and was really willing to customize for me.  Thank you!

Hopefully I’m done spending money for awhile.  Though it is the last week of the Knit Picks book sale…  See you tomorrow!



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4 responses to “New stuff!

  1. Those are all great buys! I love those rovings you picked up on sale.

  2. ohhhhh….I love that viewmaster box bag! Adorable!

    Crap…I just went and looked at Kaelin’s store…she’s going to get all my money. DANG IT!!

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