Stitch ‘n’ Pitch

Hi all,
A week ago, the Dodgers had their Stitch ‘n’ Pitch game.  I went with Lisa and her friends Sarah and Katie.  I had a great time!  Practically the only time I go to a baseball game is when it is related to knitting.  The Dodgers were playing the San Diego Padres.  And they won!  Sure, there was no awesome swag bag from Wildfiber this year, but that’s okay.  A few lucky people got the lesbian knitter bobblehead from ’10.  (You gotta see this thing.  So weird.  I’ll bring in a picture sometime.)  I got so excited for a picnic opportunity, that I went a little overboard.  I was packing more for the Hollywood Bowl than Dodger Stadium.  You know, with brie and crackers and fruit.  Sadly, no wine.  They always put us up in the cheap seats:

(We did move back a tiny bit to get some more room.  Man, are those seats tight!)

Here’s Lisa celebrating after the win. 😉

She got the memo about wearing Dodger blue.  After the game they did big fireworks.  I was expecting a few little bursts of fireworks off the score board or something.  Instead it was like Fourth of July fireworks!  Maybe 10 minutes of heavy duty fireworks.  They let people down onto the field too.  Maybe if we had known ahead of time we would have gone down there.  But the view was probably better from the top of the stadium.

I guess it’s only fair to post a giant picture of my head, since I just subjected Lisa to it:

Tons more people went down to the field after that.  That sweater you can barely see is my Boe.


Not bad for an iPhone picture of fireworks.  Lucas loves to tilt-shift things, so here’s that same picture again, with the Lucas treatment:

Tomorrow I’m going down to Long Beach with Michele to check out Convergence, the Handweaver’s Guild of America’s annual conference.  We’re just going for the marketplace.  I hope I don’t buy a loom!  (Or maybe I secretly hope I do…)  See you there?


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