Finishing up an ancient WIP

I started the Braided Cable Belt  from Laura Irwin’s Boutique Knits, um, in January of 2009.  I just wanted a little quick something to make.  I used TLC Cotton Plus in Navy.  I decided to break up knitting a densely cabled cotton sweater with… knitting a densely cabled cotton belt.  Well.  It took a fair amount of time, but I finished all 27″ of it.  And then I knit all the closure pieces that were going to be appliqued on to the belt.  This took longer than I planned, but only about four months.  Easy peasy, I’ll just go out and get buckles for the belt.  This turned out to be much more difficult than I thought.  I checked out Mood Fabrics (“Thanks, Mood”) and F&S with no results.  Apparently it is hard to find buckles that are of the proper width and also have two different slots.  Since I need to sew the strap down through the buckle, no other style would work unless I completely rethought the closures.

Fast forward to three years later.  I had a Groupon to use at Mood, so I just loaded up on random buttons.  This time, they actually had little buckles.  I wasn’t sure if they were the right size, but I went for it.  And… they fit!  Well, mostly.  It was a bit of a squeeze.  I finally got them sewn on.  And here it is:

It kind of looks like two big sausage fingers there.  It also turns out, that I don’t have a huge need in my wardrobe for a high waisted (by necessity because of length) wide knit belt.  But I won’t say never.  It makes me feel good to get this out of the WIP basket and into my closet.  I even wore it on my 4th of July outfit:

Not the most sparkling photo.  I guess I should have gotten in there and lightened it up.  But the yarn is very dark and is probably most accurate in the second picture. Here’s its shared Rav page.

I don’t have a ton of older WIPs lying around.  A few things to frog.  And one I’m saving to post on the Your Ugliest FO thread on Ravelry.  Stayed tuned for that soon.

I’m working on a few plans for this blog.  Maybe some baking.  Maybe some more of the same.


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