Two years!

Hi all,

I’ve been really wanting to get back to blogging.  I thought about starting a new blog, since Jill P. is kind of off the grid, and Jill&Jill isn’t really fitting anymore.  But, I thought maybe I’d make sure I can get this guy going again, before I start a whole other blog.  I won’t do a recap of the last two years, because lordy that would be a lot of stuff.  It’s fun looking back to see where I was at a few years ago.  I’ve been knitting non-stop and spinning a bit too.  I became a Jazzercise instructor last fall, and am teaching a couple times a week.  (If anyone is looking to try out a class in the Culver City/LA area, let me know!)  It’s still a little stressful for me, but I’m having a lot of fun.  I wish I could say that I was getting in better shape because of it, but as long as it’s not getting any worse, I won’t worry about it too much!

I have been dating someone for a little over a year.  We’re not quite to the point where I make him a sweater, but maybe soon.  And that’s not to imply that there’s almost a ring on my finger.  I’ve recently made a few items for him.  Last winter he told me that he wanted a scarf.  He came up with several frames of color ideas.  They were pretty elaborate.   Here’s one:

Those are four different color schemes.  And that is the third page of those he sent me!  I made him one scarf and hat based on a color pattern in one of the other pages.  I found a nice BFL roving from Capistrano Fiber Arts .  I had four 2oz braids, and I spun them together.  I wanted really long color repeats.  I then navajo plied them to get a 3-ply retaining the color sequence.  Here is the chunky yarn that I got:

I knit it up in the Yarn Harlot‘s One Row Handspun Scarf pattern.  The scarf turned out really nicely, and I had enough yarn to make a matching hat.

Shared Ravelry page for the scarf

So fast forward to last month.  I still had it in my head that I wanted to make him a Malabrigo scarf.  Before I spun that yarn, I bought a bunch of Malabrigo Worsted in one of his color schemes.  It is the second one from the top, of the ones above.  I used a simple pennant stitch pattern with seed stitch on the borders.  The colors are a little crazy:

The colors are in straight blocks, the angles of the rippling scarf make them look a little crooked.  He took some ones of him wearing them, but I need to get them off of my phone.  I got the scarf done just in time for the summer!  It was my anniversary gift to him.  Shared Rav page here.

He also helped watch my cats while I was out of town a couple weeks ago.  I made him a knit gun as a thank you.  It is a pattern that I’ve had for a while, and finally got around to making.  It’s Luvgun by Anna Hrachovec.

I used Knit Picks Palette in Brindle Heather, Pumice Heather, and red (can’t remember which).  I knit the pieces while I was in the Grand Canyon with my parents.  Then I hand-felted them a bit.  And sewed them together.  The mattress stitch was a bit annoying since the pieces were slightly felted!  The hearts I ended up whipstitching together instead of mattress stitch.  They looked better that way.  He laughed quite a bit when I gave it to him.  I thought he would like it, since he’s a KISS fan and somewhat fascinated by guns. He said it was the most ridiculous thing that he’d ever seen.

I’m not sure what will be next in store for him.  He was pretty into some vintage sweater patterns in a Spinnerin book from the 60’s.

Lucas is an animator and story board artist working in TV.  He’s currently working on a really awesome prospective campaign video for Obama.  If anyone knows someone that could help with financing or animation interns for it, let me know.  I can’t wait to share it with you when he gets farther along on it!  This is the video he made in 2008 for the last election.

I’m excited to get back to blogging.  I’ve got lots to talk about!  Be on the lookout for more!

Jill B.


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