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back, maybe

Hi Jill P.!

Man, it really has been forever!  It started with me having trouble uploading pictures from Flickr.  I tried to post about my shawl swap on the Anthropologie Knits group in November!  I had trouble and I just stopped.  Now maybe I’ll stick with it.

I have been super busy knitting as always.  I have been barely spinning.  It took me about four months of guild meetings to finish spinning 4 oz. of Optim fiber.  Because it’s been so long, I’ll just try to make a montage of the things I’ve made since October (!).

I clearly don’t know how to make each of those pictures, links. 😦

Last time, I tried to tell you about my Anthro swap.  I got an awesome Ester shrug from Elizabeth/hutchart.  

I was feeling really bad for never showing these!  All the other stuff, you can see on my Ravelry projects like always.  Except for the fox and panda drawstring bag.  I sewed that for my sister’s birthday.  My sewing machine is still not working, so I sewed it all by hand.  The little felt guys I cut from felt and just glued them on.  I was going to sew them on too, but the glue was too hard to sew through.  The templates were from the Cute Stuff book.

Last month I went to Buenos Aires for a couple weeks to visit my sister.  She is temporarily living there, so I was able to stay with her.  I had an amazing time.  I’m glad that she was already familiar with the city so she was able to show me around and we could go to all her favorite spots.  I have been really bad about uploading and organizing all my vacation photos!  It always takes so long.  The best part was the desserts!  So much dulce de leche and ice cream.  Since I don’t eat much meat, sometimes regular meals were a little difficult.  I ate a lot of pizza and pasta.  When I upload the pictures I’ll try to post some here.  Here’s a teaser:


A lot of my pictures are corrupted like this.  WTF?  I’ll have to get my sister to send them to me.

I’ve got a few things on the needles right now.  As part of the Anthropologie Knits Vintage KAL, I was working on a couple of tops.  I am working on Little Birds by Ysolda Teague.  I’m using Knit Picks Palette.  I have just started the sleeves.  I am really loving knitting it so far, but haven’t had tons of time to devote to it.  I’m also working on the Vintage Lady’s Jumper.  I am working on that one when I have knitting time during the day, because I only have to carry one ball of yarn with me.  I am going to try to do the ribbing from the top down in one piece because I am worried about running out of yarn.

A project that I just finished is the Aquarium Hat for Eleanor.

My friend’s daughter is going through chemotherapy right now, and I wanted to make her a hat.  She loves going to the aquarium, so I designed this sea-themed hat with her in mind.  It ended up a little tall, and hopefully wide enough.  I hope that it fits her!  I’m willing to write up the pattern if there was any interest, but I think there might not be.

Okay, I think that’s a good start!  I hope (fingers crossed) to get back in the swing of things.

Also, anyone know why I can’t upload photos on here using a URL?  I can find my Flickr link, but wordpress won’t let me post it.  Maybe I need to stop being lazy and search the wordpress help topics…

Jill B. 


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