Chicken or the egg

Jill P.:

I had another baby event a couple of weekends ago.  My former co-worker Khai’s baby was turning 1!  This is the baby that I had previously made the Yoda Baby Hat for.  He was having a birthday party for her at his yogurt shop.  It’s the TuttiFrutti in Marina del Rey/Culver City, yum!  I decided that I had to make her a birthday present, but I only gave myself a week of lead time. 

I decided to use the Which Came First? pattern by Anna Hrachovec.  I think it turned out super cute!  It looks almost identical to all the other projects though.  I didn’t really give it any individual style.

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Creme, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Buttercup, and some misc. orange yarn from Melissa.

Here it is, starting to crack in it’s flax nest:

My swan costume decided to check in on it as it starts to hatch:

And now it’s a little chick!:

I made no modifications to the pattern.  I hand-felted the pieces in the sink.  Because the Lamb’s Pride is so much thicker than the WotA, it didn’t felt quite as much and was slightly larger.  The way the pattern is reversible, the difference in size didn’t matter.  I put polyfil in between the two layers as directed, but maybe put just a little less because the egg has more volume to go inside the chicken.  I always get excited to knit toys, but then get frustrated by the sewing. 

Here are all my felted pieces before assembly:

They didn’t open presents at the party so I don’t know what the parents thought about my gift.  I hope they liked it!

My new coworker started last week.  I was nervous about having a new person sharing my workspace, 40 hours a week, but we are getting along great.  I even ventured out on a weekday night to see his band perform!  And you know how much I love animals in clothes.  His wife’s company, Ruby & Bee, makes the cutest dog clothes!  This work partnership was meant to be. =)

Halloween is coming up sooner than you think, and I really need to start working on costumes for my cats.  I’ve been debating doing a religious theme and having Paquito be a rabbi, and Olivia being a nun.  But then I don’t know what my costume would be.  Any good ideas?

Jill B.



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3 responses to “Chicken or the egg

  1. I have that pattern but have never finished it. Yours turned out so cute! I bet they liked it.

  2. How cute! Love the baby chick. 🙂

  3. Jill P. aka. oboegoddess

    That is just the cutest pattern ever!

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