Swap dyeing

Jill P.:

As you know, I joined a shawl swap on the Anthropologie Knits group on Ravelry.  I knew what pattern I wanted to use (the Percy Shawl) but couldn’t decide on yarns.  I knew I didn’t have anything in the right color in my stash.  We went to a couple of local stores, but couldn’t find anything that I liked.  Twist would probably have had something I could use, but it’s far away and not open the one day I was going to be near it.  You graciously offered to let me shop in your stash.  There were many good options, but we ended up getting super motivated and decided to dye up some yarn and some fiber.  Lucky for us you still had some dye stock in your fridge! 

My goal was orange, so I dyed some merino laceweight and about 6 oz of Optim fiber.  I used a mix of Yellow Sun(right?) and Vermillion.  In hindsight we should have taken step-by-step pictures!  We kettle dyed the yarn in pots.  Here is my laceweight yarn:

I am totally in love with it.  I think the color turned out just like I hoped for. 

The Optim fiber dyed up a little weird.  First when we were soaking the fiber, it wouldn’t sink in the vinegar water.  It felt totally saturated, but it kept popping back up.  When wet it looked like bread dough.  I put in a lot more dye for the fiber, because it seemed to only be dyeing the outside of it, and not the whole rope.  I figured a deeper shade would be better so that when I spun it it didn’t get too pastel.  It looked like hell when we removed it from the water.  Like a big dreadlock.  I don’t think it was felted, but it didn’t look good.  It did fluff up a little when it dried.  (Which took forever!)

I had debated spinning the yarn for my swap project, but I think that I am glad that I changed my mind.  Maybe I will still try to spin some to send along with the shawl. 

Since we had the dyepots out, we both overdyed some yarn that we didn’t like.  I had some Knitpicks Bare sock yarn that I had tried to dye at one of the guild’s Dye Days.  Don’t ask me what happened here, I know it looks awful!  I guess I was apathetic, in a rush, and trying to just use the colors of dye that were already out.  Plus I thought the color had seeped all the way through the yarn, when it really didn’t.  At all. 

I overdyed all of it with Gunmetal.  It took several tries to add enough dye to color all the ugliness.

Some of the old sections still show through, but I think it’ll knit up okay.  It’s not an amazing job, but it is such an improvement that I am ecstatic about it. 

Jill, you overdyed the world’s ugliest Knit Picks autumny laceweight yarn, and got something resembling Mountain Colors.  I don’t have any pictures, and I can’t even guess at what the KP colorway was called. 

All in all, a successful dyeing day.  I’m glad you were there to hold my hand!  Especially since I can’t make my own decisions and I got you to make them all for me! 

Jill B.


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  1. Jill P. aka. oboegoddess

    Those colors did turn out so nice. It’s amazing how different they look fully dry. I can’t wait to see the finished shawl. It will be lovely!

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