As if I have time for such obsessions….

I’m addicted to a new indie dyer who calls herself Fiberphile.  I hate to even talk about her yarn because since I discovered her a short two months ago, it’s become almost impossible to get.  Gushing about it can only make it worse.  But I so happy for her and her success that I can’t help but spread the love.  So here goes nothing…

First off, Georgia (her real name) is from Vermont.  I triple heart anything from New England, especially Vermont.  Makes my heart cry out with bittersweet homesickness.  Secondly, she’s a lovely and humble woman who takes care of her family and runs her own successful small business out of her home which is such an inspiration to me.  Thirdly, she’s a dyepot wizard.  Here’s the proof…

Knit with Fiberphile Alchemy Super Squish Sock in Low Tide which looks almost iridescent in person!

Project details can be found on my project page on Ravelry.  This is probably my most favorite knit ever!  I was mesmerized the entire time and could barely put it down.  This was also my first time working with beads.  I purchased the size 6/0 sparkle gold lined crystal beads from EarthFaire (who has a small but quality selection and always provides superior customer service, I must say).  I knit this Swallowtail Shawl as part of a KAL that was hosted in the Fiberphile Ravelry group.  Speaking of which, there is another one going on now for June/July which I just cast on for…

Tiger Eyes socks knit with Fiberphile Glimmer MCN in Pumpkin Spice.  (Merino/Cahsmere/Nylon blend seems to be a very popular yarn base with the indie dyers these days.) Now, these need to be finished by the end of July.  A minor miracle will probably have to happen for that reality to materialize, but I’m going to go for it anyway!

Georgia seems to dye up large batches of yarn every three weeks or so.  If you want to fight me for some, the battlefield, I mean website, is at August Lately.  She also has a blog here.

On the massage school front, I just passed the first of three exams for my Anatomy & Physiology II class and I’m halfway through my third level of Deep Tissue class.  The final exam for that is going to be a doozy!!!  Though my regular schedule of classes is taking a lot of time and energy, I’m a glutton for punishment and decided to sign up for an elective taking place this Sunday.  It’s an On-site Chair Massage class.  I’m really excited about this one.  If I love it, I’ll probably buy a chair which I could bring with me to knit night and practice massage on eveyone’s weary knitting fingers, arms and shoulders.  Yay!

Speaking of Knit Night, I’m hoping to show my face this coming Monday, but since it’s going to be such a busy weekend “hoping” is really the operative word.  I fear that if I don’t go this Monday, I won’t see y’all until mid-July at best.  Would you still love me… remember me even???

xoxoxoxxx, JP

aka. oboegoddess


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  1. Vy

    So so pretty! Good luck with your classes! I wish I were close enough so I could be one of your guinea pigs, LOL!

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