Some small projects and big trees

Jill P.:

There’s been a lot of knitting going on over here, but not much to show for it.  My larger project is the Debbie Bliss Drop Collar Cabled Jacket.  I feel like I should have finished this a while ago since it’s in chunky yarn but I keep getting side-tracked.  Mostly with gift knitting and you know, the flu. 

My sister’s birthday was earlier this month.  I knew that I wanted to knit her a headband, since she recently told me that she’s been wearing headbands a lot.  Usually I would just easily pick out a pattern, use some yarn I have and be done with it.  But for some reason I really labored over this one.  I could not make a decision!  First I used the Dream Swatch Headwrap pattern and made it into a headband.  I used some super glitzy GGH Velour-Lame yarn from my stash.  I kind of liked the result.  It was pretty flashy.  And it ended up being pretty thick in the bottom.  I made mine into a loop, with less repeats, grafting the cast-on and ending sections together. 

Since I was already going light on the presents for her, I really wanted this to be right.  I ended up spending the next week or so figuring out my own pattern for a headband.  I was planning on having the bottom of the headband be elastic, like one you would buy at a store.  But after some searching on Ravelry, I was inspired  by Pepperknits to use I-cord instead.  I used Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock held double on US4s.  The stitch pattern was from the Vogue Stitchionary Knits/Purls book.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I like the way colors lined up using the yarn doubled.  I had to modify the stitch pattern while decreasing back down to the I-cord so that it didn’t flare, but other than that, very straight forward. 

Hard to photograph though!

Since it was a landmark birthday for my sister (30!) we went on a family vacation to Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks.  I almost couldn’t go because I got the flu two days before I was supposed to drive up there!  Thankfully I got past my headachy feverish phase in time to go. 

We stayed in the Wuksachi Lodge and saw some massive Sequoias and went snowshoeing.  I guess I was well enough to go on a 3.6mile snowshoe trip!  I had never been before and it was a lot of fun.  I managed to get a bunch of weird, uninteresting pictures.  Why didn’t I think to get a picture of someone next to a tree!?  I just have random pictures of trunks.  Oh and this one:

It’s not obvious from the picture, but this tree, the General Sherman tree is the largest tree in the world by volume.  I guess Coastal Redwoods get taller, and there’s some other trees in Oaxaca that are much wider.  Tell a friend!

I also made a beret for a friend’s birthday.  I’ve been lazy about sending it out to her though, because I wanted to buy some fun stuff to send with it.  But because I’m not making personal purchases it takes me much longer to get out to the store. 

It is the Spring Beret by Natalie Larson

I used some early handspun that I had lying around.  The fiber is Shetland roving that  I bought from Stick and Stone Fiberarts way back.  Since I was getting a gauge of 16st/in instead of 18st/in I just made the less slouchy version.  But in hindsight I would have wanted it even more slouchy so would have had more stitches.  Since I was using wool I needed to block the beret to add size.  I let it dry with a giant wad of plastic bags inside.  I used a little over 2oz.

I hope that Amy likes it!  Of course I need to actually send it to her first!

I am currently working on a couple of other gift projects that I can’t share yet.  But I really want to be finishing my sweater.  Well, I have the day off today because of Cesar Chavez Day so I guess I have time to work on both! 

Oh, and now I really really want a new kitten since Adrienne just got one!  He is adorable.  I’ll post pictures next time.  I am almost certainly not moving to rural Virginia, but need to figure out if I’m moving apartments before I add to my family.

Talk to you soon!

Jill B.



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2 responses to “Some small projects and big trees

  1. sulafaye

    Some very cute headgear you’ve got going on! I hope all of the recipients were pleased.

  2. that beret really does look nice on you… 🙂 You have great hair for hats!

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