FO: Dovetail Pullover

Dear Jill P.:

As promised I just finished two new things.  One is the Bettie’s Lace Stockings from the latest Interweave Knits, but those will wait until I blog them this weekend.  This guy, I finished on Monday.

Pattern: Dovetail Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman in Interweave Knits Spring 2008

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Colorway 404, 13 balls.  My size called for 14 balls.  I went ahead and used the recommended yarn because it was on sale last year at Compatto

Needles: US 4 and US5.  It felt really tight, but I guess that’ll be good so it doesn’t stretch. 

I’ve talked about it before so it probably doesn’t need repeating, but this sweater really killed my wrists and hands.  I will definitely be taking a break from cotton for awhile.  But I am super happy with the results.  I haven’t blocked it yet, because I’m worried that I’ll put it in water and the whole thing will go to shit and I’m not prepared for that. 

I knit it in the 38″ size, which gives me about 2″ of ease.  Based on some other ravelers who said that sleeves were a little big, I decided to knit the smaller size sleeves.  The height of the two sizes was the same, this sleeve is just like 1/4″ narrower.  I added a few rows in the sleeve cap while fudging the decrease rates so that this sleeve would fit into my Medium size armholes.  For no particular reason I decided to use short rows on the top of the sleeve cap instead of doing stairsteps.  The cap is a little shallow, but I think it would have been so even with binding off stitches instead. 

The other change I made was on the neckband.  The pattern calls for 2″ of ribbing.  This made the collar stand up away from my body a little.  I ripped back about an inch and weighed my options.  I could have proceeded on a smaller needle, or done some extreme decreasing.  I was a little worried about decreasing in ribbing.  I thought it would look a little wonky.  The final decision?  I just left it alone at 1″ and bound off.  It’s a little wider than the neck in the pattern, but I think I prefer it this way.  Definitely better than a semi-cowl collar.  It was like the collar in Ingenue, but not intential and not as cute. 

I was going to avoid showing this picture, because I don’t think it’s very flattering, but it’s the best full-on shot of the sweater.  All these sweater pictures are really making me self-conscious!

Another thing I learned from this project?  That I don’t like seaming in reverse stockinette.  It shouldn’t be any different from regular stockinette except I kept getting confused.  I couldn’t tell if I was a stitch in, or half a stitch in.  I bet my seams waver a bit.  I also kept forgetting which side was the right side and leaving my yarn ends out on the purl side.  That didn’t really matter, but it was annoying nonetheless. 

Oh, and you were asking me the other day if I use a cable needle.  I usually do.  I like doing things the traditional way and don’t mind using the needle.  But on this project I did reacquaint myself with cabling without a cable needle and was enjoying it.  I did the back with, and the front without.  I am not sure if I am completely won over, but it is very tempting.

I started my next project last night.  It’s the Drop Collar Cabled Jacket by Debbie Bliss in Yorkshire Tweed Chunky.  It is going super fast!  But my real priority is a present for my sister.  I need to make her a headband by next Friday.  I want it to be functional, so don’t know if it should have elastic on the bottom of it.  And probably not very wide.  And it should be purple.  I have some GGH Velour in purple and that might work.  I was thinking about doing a short version of the Dream Swatch head wrap.  I also have some tweed-y yarn that would work.  I could do some sort of herringbone pattern maybe?  Any good ideas?

Jill B.



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3 responses to “FO: Dovetail Pullover

  1. It’s beautiful! I can’t believe you finished a sweater from Spring IK already! I’m feeling like a slacker 🙂

    I don’t care for seaming in reverse stockinette either. When I do, I have to keep saying to myself a little mantra: a smile and a frown, a smile and a frown. Those purl bumps look to me like alternating smiles and frowns. It helps me remember to pick up a “smile” from one side of the fabric and a “frown” from the other side so they’ll match up nicely and I don’t get confused.

  2. sulafaye

    Wow–nice to have such great cables you don’t even need a block (and I’m scared of things like that too!).

  3. Beautiful color and the finishing looks perfect!

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