I want to go to there

Jill P.,

Have you checked out the Sock Summit teacher line-up?  I know it’s been kind of everywhere, but I think it deserves repeating.  I mean Meg Swansen and Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Barbara Walker!  I have the feeling I won’t be able to go though.  I am going up to Tacoma in the beginning of June for the Northwest Regional Spinner’s Association retreat.  So a trip to the NW two months after that probably won’t work.  And maybe I’ll be in Virginia which would make it a lot harder to get there. 

We still have the ASCH Color Connects conference to look forward to next weekend.  Of course we’re not taking any classes and I’m not making purchases for Lent.  But it could still be fun. 

I had planned on just having a post of me jabbering about random stuff.  But wait I finished something!

Pattern: Prism by Caroline Bautista

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Brillante.  I used almost exactly 3 skeins.  It was another race against yarn supply.

I used US 8 needles and knit in between a S and a M.  It was hard to decide because the pattern doesn’t give schematics or approximate circumference or anything.  All I know is in real clothes I wear a medium, but often in knitting patterns I wear a small.  I tried it on while it was in progress and it was pretty tight.  But it relaxed a bit in blocking which was a good thing. 

This was the project I started because of all my hand-hurting cotton projects.  It was pretty fun to knit.  It’s made with modular triangles.  The sleeves are upside-down triangles. 

Because I was running low on yarn I decided to do the armhole ribbing and neck band before knitting the ribbing at the bottom.  I was trying to be conservative with the yarn.  The pattern calls for a 1″ band for the neck.  I followed this, but afterwards realized that the band in the pattern picture must be closer to 2″.  I think it would look better that way, but I was trying to eek out more length.  So my neck is a little wonky but I guess I could claim that I wanted it that way.  My button tabs on the sleeves go the opposite direction from the picture.  I blindy followed the directions for the first sleeve and then had to replicate it for the second sleeve.  I sewed the buttons on through both layers of fabric.  It didn’t seem worth the effort to make a buttonhole. 

I am definitely not crazy about the top as a whole.  I think the pattern is pretty cool and would like the finished item in a solid yarn.  It is quite busy.  Also the arm opening ended up huge.  It looks better in the picture because I am tucking extra fabric under my armpits!  I could have picked up fewer stitches for the ribbing or overlapped the button flap more.  I thought about it, but that makes an uber-puffy sleeve.  Maybe I could have seamed the triangles together a bit in the armpit and picked up fewer stitches for the ribbing.  Oh well.  Maybe it’s the perfect sweater for me to make out of Malabrigo.  Something that won’t get worn often!  No chance for pilling. 

I had some trouble finding the right outfit for it.  My favorite one at home involved gaucho pants and heels.  But I barely had the balls to wear just the sweater with black pants to work so anything over and beyond that is past me. 

I am close to finishing a couple of things so I’ll have something new to share soon.  And these ones I think I’m going to be super into. 

Oh, and I’ll bring it up again when the date is closer, but the UCLA Festival of Preservation is coming up in the middle of March.  It’ll go on for a couple of months.  I did some work on a lot of the films being shown and many of them are worth seeing.  We’ve been having some technical/logistical problems recently, much of it related to the state budget.  But I hope you guys can go and support the preservationists that I work with because they deserve it. 

That’s all for now!

Jill B.



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3 responses to “I want to go to there

  1. Oh, but you wear it so well! Sounds like you have a fun couple of months coming up.

  2. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Did you know that over 94% of personal computers have hidden corrupt dangerous files with over 150 hidden errors and bugs on them?

  3. Would love to go to Sock Summit! There’s actually a million fiber related things/trips I want to do, but since this is the year of massage, I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize and reward myself in 2010.

    that color of malabrigo is amazing… I saw flowers that color yesterday while walking. electric!! The little button sleeve is my favorite part.

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