Jill P.:

I finally have something to show you.  I joined a cardigan KAL on the Anthropologie Knits group a while back.  I finished my cardigan, but I didn’t really knit along with anyone or update them on my progress or anything.  Hmm, it seems I don’t really know how these KALs are supposed to go.  In any case, I was working on the Eyelet Front Cardigan from a recent vogue.  The knitting went super quick, but it was getting the pictures that was the hardest!  In any case, weeks after finishing I got some pictures taken today.

Pattern: #11 Eyelet Front Vest by Coralie Meslin in Vogue Knitting Holiday 2008

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Midnight Derby.  I used about 1.6 balls of yarn.  About 400 yds.  That seems preposterous.  I really thought I was going to run out of yarn, again. 

The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn.  I went ahead and bought this worsted weight yarn specifically for this project.  But it is really gauzy at this gauge, and if I was doing it over I would rework the gauge for a tighter fabric.  I was prepared for a disaster when it came to blocking.  When I took it out of the water is was twice the size it was knit!  But I kind of smushed it together when blocking and it ended up drying in about the right shape. 

I had made it in a size much smaller than my own size, but with the relaxing of the wool, it ended up fitting nicely.   A little stretched I guess.  Here’s a picture of the back.:


Besides that I’ve just been plugging away at some other projects.  They’re all in the same color family.  I thought I didn’t have a favorite color, but I come back to blue time and time again.  My other works in progress are:

The Dovetail Pullover:

A sweater that I think I’m going to love when it’s done, but that I currently hate knitting.  It hurts my hands and wrists so bad.  It’s Mission Falls 1824 Cotton and worked at a tight gauge.  I have finished the back and one sleeve.  So halfway there. 

Because it hurt my wrists so much I cast on another project.

The Braided Cable Belt from Boutique Knits

As it turns out, the project to relieve your wrists from cableing with cotton yarn  should not be another cabled project that involves cotton yarn knit at a tight gauge.  So that’s on hold now until I finish that sweater. 

I’m working on another top, but it’s not blue and I don’t have any close-to-recent pictures of it.  I think it may be a disaster, but I’ll share the pictures of it when it’s done.  I worked on it a lot yesterday because I was at home sick with maybe the flu. 

I hope you enjoy the long weekend.  And have a good Valentine’s Day.  My parents sent me an Amazon gift card.  Which was really exciting.  I was planning on buying A Stitch in Time with it, but when I finally decided to do it, its status changed from “2-3 weeks” to “no longer available”.  What a bummer.  And even though I wanted it quite a bit, now I feel like I need it.  I get this way about things I can’t find.  I know that I could order it from other online sources in the UK.  I just really wanted to use my gift cards for it.  You probably can’t use US gift cards on, can you? 

My only hope for this weekend is that I don’t buy a 6-pack of Cold Stone ice-cream cupcakes and eat them all myself.  Have a good one!

Jill B.



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4 responses to “Blues

  1. I hadn’t noticed the Eyelet Front Vest until now, but that looks great on you!

  2. number19

    The cardigan looks great on you. I especially like the beautiful brooch with it.

  3. Love that vest! I’ve always wanted to knit with Dream in Color… when I was home over the holidays, I almost bought a sweaters-worth of classy in the good Luck Jade colorway, but thought better of it since my stash as you know is a little out of hand… where did you get that necklace? It’s super cute!!!!!

  4. Lovely, lovely blues! I am especially fond of the back neck detail of your vest. Hope you had a good weekend!

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