Simple pleasures

Jill P.:

I have been finding myself relishing the little things in life.  My knitting is going pretty well.  Here are my pictures of my Leafy Cabled Vest:

Pattern: Green Day (link to the pattern not Ravelry) by Mari Muinonen (tikru)

Yarn: The Fibre Co. Terra in Acorn.  I used all but a couple yards of 4 skeins. 

It took about a week to knit.  I only did four rounds of ribbing for the neckline and three rounds on the armholes.  Mostly out of necessity.  I probably would have worked them longer if I could have.  At the neckline, the pattern vaguely says to complete the front cabling as shown in the picture.  It was hard to tell what was going on.  I broke with the cable pattern and extended the cables out toward the armholes.  So for example on the left front instead of continuing the braid, and having the right side cross over, I did a right leaning cable with the left side of the braid.  Wow, this is hard to put into words. 

It was a quick project and I love love love this yarn.  It is a little slubby, but I think the color is so amazing.  The base color is kind of a greenish brown, and there are fuzzy silk noil bits that are pinkish purple.  One skein was a lot more pink and I worried about it, but it ended up not being too noticeable.  Here are a few more, but the color is more accurate in the first one.

The back:

Here’s a bad picture of the project I mentioned last time. 

That is one of the fronts from the Eyelet Front Vest.  The triangle portion is going to wrap around and become the sleeve cap.  The lace sections go at the front edgings.  There are some interesting lace elements in this.  It’s all written out, and not charted, but I guess I don’t know if it would be easily chartable.  You have to slip yos and then create another yo on top of it.  Then drop them both on the next row.  I guess it is another way of creating ladders, but it’s one I hadn’t seen before.  I just need to knit the back and I’m done.  Should be quick work.  I’m knitting on size 10 1/2s! 

I went to the Compatto Sip ‘n’ Stitch last night, and felt like I should be working on something with their yarn.  So I cast on for the Dovetail Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman.  I’m using the recommended Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn.  It is a little rough on my hands, especially knit at a tight gauge.  I think I’ll have to take lots of breaks!

I went to the GLASG meeting this morning.  I got to use my new plying head and ply up my Black Bunny Fibers BFL fiber.  I received this fiber months ago and just finally got to it.  It was fun to spin and worked up really quickly.  I just broke it in half and decided not to worry about matching up the color.  This is 7.75 oz of BFL in the Meadow I colorway.  The batches for the fiber club are all dyed individually for the club members.  I forgot to take pictures of the fiber, but here’s my finished yarn!  It barely all fit on my giant plying bobbin.

I know the spinning is not that even, noticeable by eye, but also because I had tons left on one bobbin that I had to andean ply. 

The color wasn’t totally set.  I had to do a few soaks with vinegar.  But it is so bright and fun! 

I think it’s about worsted weight.  I haven’t done a WPI measurement yet.  I ended up with about 360 yds.  I’m not sure what I am going to do with it.  But something.  Here’s one last one:

Back to what I was saying at the beginning.  I am enjoying these simple pleasures.  The pleasure of working with fiber and creating something tangible.  Baking cookies and cooking elaborate meals.  Watching crappy movies at home and chilling with my cat.  But you know what, screw simple pleasures.  I am so tired of having only little enjoyments.  DVDs may get you through the weekend, but they don’t get you through the year.  I have been going months without larger pleasures.  Baking doesn’t make up for not having a partner or a best friend.  I know I’m just going through a sad bastard phase.  I have a lot to be thankful for in big picture.  But it’s getting rough.  And Internet dating is not cutting it.  I have been going through extra reflection because I just applied for a job in rural Virginia.  I have to decide if I am willing to move and you know, generally figure out my future.  I guess that’s the end of my complaining.  My knitting and knitting friends (besides my family) are really the brightest spot in my life.  I definitely appreciate all of you and the inspiration you bring me. 

But still, simple pleasures can bite me.  I have to take off and go to a birthday party and see my ex-boyfriend/new boss and meet his current girlfriend.

I’ll probably be in a better mood in a few days and maybe I’ll have something else to show you.

Jill B.



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2 responses to “Simple pleasures

  1. annazzini

    I bow down to your badassness, Jill! Like, for reals. I’ve been working on a cardigan for approximately forever (or six months, whatever). It’s really quite pathetic. And you haul off and knit a freaking vest in a week! AND you know how to spin!! I am deeply jealous. That green is super gorgeous.

    Also, I think rural VA sounds fantastic (I secretly dream of living on a some acreage and having a vegetable garden… but I’m not sure if that’s what I actually want or I’m just having silly Jane Austen fantasies while I’m stuck in the heat of the IE)! We MAY (if a job offer comes through) be living in Williamsburg next year, so yeah. I’m totally applying to work at Colonial Williamsburg… maybe they will need a town knitter? (IhopeIhopeIhope).

  2. Glad I got a chance to fondle your yarn at The Spot the other night.. it’s really nice 🙂

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