Jill P.:

Yesterday there were historic and important things going on, but all I could think about was silly TV clips.  I couldn’t get them out of my head, so decided to do some youtube clips here today.

This last weekend I finally got around to rewatching The Dave Chapelle Show on DVD.  My new favorite thing is his rapper gimmick, the real Black Sheep.   I had seen it before and forgot about it.

That clip goes on a little long for my tastes though.  And for another too-long clip, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah from 30 Rock.    I should have should linked to the clip from the show and not the whole music video. But I couldn’t resist.

30 Rock is so great.

Clearly I spent the entire weekend watching TV on DVD or on my computer.  I am totally in love with watching Netflix instantly on my computer.  Last night I even dragged my spinning wheel into my room so I could watch a crappy movie on the monitor.  Now I can have Mickey Rourke marathons without wasting a Netflix or paying for it.

I have been knitting, but not getting good pictures.  I am kind of having bad knitting karma right now.  I was working on those knee socks, but after doing about 5 inches of one, have finally faced the fact that it will not fit on my calf.  I will have to do a different pattern, but have no idea when.

I finished a cabled vest, which I’ll post soon.  I am currently working on the #11 Eyelet Front Vest from Vogue Holiday 2008.  I am using Dream in Color Classy.  The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, but the fabric is a little loose for my tastes.  But I bought the yarn specifically for this purpose, so am going forward with worsted on 10 1/2s, 14 st/inch.  If I wasn’t worried about running out of yarn I would knit it at a tighter gauge and work a larger size.  As it is, I’m even making one much smaller than my measurements so I don’t run out.

I’ve been doing some spinning too.  I joined the Black Bunny Fiber Club a few months back.  Carol sends each member a different fiber every month but dyes everybody’s according to their personal color tastes.  I wasn’t very specific about favorite colors, so I have gotten a nice variety of colors.  I just spun up a little under 4 oz. of some  green BFL.  I still need to spin the other half and ply.  It’s been very enjoyable to spin.  This is a little pointless to talk about without visuals.  Maybe later this week.

Boring post!  Pics to come!

Jill B.


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