Christmas wrap-up

Jill P:

I was home in Camas for about 11 days.  That is the small paper mill town I’m from, which is really so close to Portland it could be considered a suburb.  But we’re on the other side of the river in Washington state.  Last year we had a white Christmas and it had been the first one in something like 90 years.  And what do you know, we had a crazy white Christmas this year too.  The weather has been crazy everywhere.  I was able to fly in in between major storms so the weather wasn’t an issue for travelling.  But unfortunately there were some mechanical problems and I had to sit on the tarmac for a while and then deplane and wait for another one.  My flight ended up arriving in Portland at 2:30am!

All the snow made it difficult to go anywhere except the grocery store.  It stayed like that for maybe five days.  Once I went in to Portland to see some friends from high school and college.  My Dad had to drive me there, and when I was done at the pub he had to drive back and pick me up.  It was like high school all over again.  Usually there’s enough cars around for me and my sister to be on our own, but the snow affected what cars were operable.  Here are some pictures of the snow.

My parents on our walk:

Me on the boat dock of Lacamas Lake:

And our backyard!:

It started raining about a week after I got there, and the snow was almost all gone in a matter of days.  I had a nice time at home.  My sister flew in the day after me, and my uncle was staying with us for the holidays as well.  My Mom got me a few spinning related items.  A padded carrying case for my Lendrum, and also a plying head.  I am excited about using it.  I came home with a lot of stuff as usual, much of it bought for myself in the days after the holiday.  I went to three yarn stores, but I only came back with two skeins of Dream in Color Classy.  Which is really good for me.

I was able to give my Mom her Christmas present!  I used my handspun lace yarn and knit up the Muir shawl.  I used the bead chart on Ravelry and added clear beads throughout.  I added them as I went, using the crochet hook method. 

I had about 800 yds of it, and used all of it.  I was only able to do 12 pattern repeats.  I had to reknit the borders multiple times because I kept coming up short on yarn, and underestimating how much I needed to do all those picots.  There are less garter rows than called for in the pattern.  I didn’t add bead to the ends.

Blocking shot:

I wanted to get some pictures of my Mom modelling it, but I ran out of time before I left. 

I did a lot of knitting while I was at home.  I wanted to make my friend Jere a gift because he’s been very generous with rides to the airport, and he watched Paquito while I was gone.  I used my recently finished handspun Rambouillet/Ingeo yarn to make him a hat and fingerless gloves.  I used the Utopia Cabled Hat pattern by Smariek and the Men’s Fingerless Gloves pattern from the KnitList.  That pattern is listed as using Aran weight yarn, but it really uses sport weight.  I did some gauge calculations, which gave me some trouble.  One of the gloves is a little bigger than the other one and I can’t quite figure out what caused the difference.  Me not taking proper notes on my modifications couldn’t have helped.  My handspun yarn was a 3-ply and pretty dense. 

I hope he likes them.  I kind of want to keep the hat, but I guess I should set it free.  I don’t know if he’s much of a hat person though.

I am also on my second Special Olympics Scarf.  I am looking forward to sending these off.  I want to take a long break from knitting with Red Heart.  I don’t have pictures yet, but they are both scarves from the Knitting New Scarves book.  Of course, no matter what you make with these two colors, it is always going to look kind of crappy. 

I started a sweater too!  Elaine’s Blouse from Interweave Knits Winter 2008.  I finished the body pretty quickly while I was at home, but I’m still working on the sleeves.  I’m just a little into the second one.  I should finish up in the next week, and then need to do the button bands and buy all those buttons!  I have a suspicion that this will not be a flattering cut on me, but we’ll just have to see.

Okay, enough for now!  Happy New Year!

Jill B.



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5 responses to “Christmas wrap-up

  1. What a cool white Christmas!

    Your shawl with the handspun is incredible!

  2. Lucky mom! Thanks for sharing pattern locations, I will queue the shawl. I am now inspired to try the beading, which I have been avoiding up until now.

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