The lamest co-blogger ever…

Yup, I know it. I’m super lame. I’ve been MIA for months and my knitting progress has been poor to say the least. But I’ve got to tell you, life is good. I’ve been having a grand old time and am happier than ever. Here’s the rundown since I last blogged…

Went to Paris with friends and while I was there I knit these socks (Cat Bordhi Pontoon Toe, plain stockinette with short-row heel and 1×1 rib cuff.  Goal: extreme pooling… mission accomplished!)…Rainbow Socks

I went to Ireland… twice.

I took a road trip to Colorado.

I got accepted to a Master’s program in Library Science and decided to go to massage school instead.

I went to Texas and visited my family on my Dad’s side that I haven’t seen in almost two decades.  I have two full grown adult brothers and a sister.  Wild!!!

Plus, I have a new boyfriend.

I’ve missed all you guys at Monday night knitting the last four months, but am really looking forward to getting back to the group. I’m signed up for all my classes for 2009 and none of them are on Monday night… sweet! But just because I’ve been consumed with muscle attachments and body mechanics and the new man doesn’t mean there hasn’t been time for any knitting. I am in progress with some holiday knitting and just finished a cowl I made for myself from Malabrigo Silky and Blue Sky Suri held together. The pattern is here (Ravelry link).Ilean Cowl

xo, Jill P.



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3 responses to “The lamest co-blogger ever…

  1. Jeez, finally! Better late than never. =) That cowl looks so snuggly!

  2. sulafaye

    Wow! You should write a book about all this! You certainly sound the romantic heroine from this summary!

  3. Glad you are back! Sounds like you’re having a great time!

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