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FO: Road to Golden

Jill P.:

I’ll have to make this post short and sweet.  I say that but then it’ll probably be a marathon post.  I need to leave work so that I can finish packing and fly out to Portland tonight.  I am leaving my little Paquito for the first time since Adi and Miely have been gone. =(

Last weekend I finished the two larger projects I’ve been working on for the last couple of months.  I finished my gift project that I’ll share when I get back, and my Road to Golden sweater.

Pattern: Road to Golden from Knit Scene Fall 2007 (??)

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, for all colors except for the golden/mustard color is Cascade 220.

[Ravelry kind of takes the excitement out of listing details on a blog, doesn’t it?]

The sweater was supposed to be my Ravelolympics projects, but the first yellow color I got was way too light and I had to find an alternative.  The sleeves and main color took way less than I anticipated, but I did run out of dark green and light green during knitting.  I made the medium size, which should have maybe 3-4″ of ease.  More than I’d usually go for.  The only real change that I made was to continue the neck decreases through the garter ridges.  And to go down 2 needle sizes and bind off a little tightly.  The first time it was so loose, like a super short cowl neck!

It took about four days to dry, with our current rainy weather.  Including 15 minutes of drying with a blow dryer.  I am very happy with the fit and everything.  All around a successful project.

I’m running behind and don’t want to save this as a draft, so here’s some more pictures.

Ignore my stupid talking face:

Close-up of the patterning.  I can’t even see that purple from far away.

I’ll have some more Christmas presents to share later.  I have devoted a lot of time to figuring out my knitting projects for this week.  I have my Special Olympics scarves to work on, a handspun hat and fingerless glove set  for my friend Jere who is driving me to the airport and watching my cat, and “Elaine’s Blouse” from the latest Interweave Winter 2008.  It may be a bad idea to take a sweater’s worth of yarn with me when space is at a premium, but I wasn’t happy with my yarn choice for knee socks.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and I’ll see you again in the New Year!

Jill B.



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The lamest co-blogger ever…

Yup, I know it. I’m super lame. I’ve been MIA for months and my knitting progress has been poor to say the least. But I’ve got to tell you, life is good. I’ve been having a grand old time and am happier than ever. Here’s the rundown since I last blogged…

Went to Paris with friends and while I was there I knit these socks (Cat Bordhi Pontoon Toe, plain stockinette with short-row heel and 1×1 rib cuff.  Goal: extreme pooling… mission accomplished!)…Rainbow Socks

I went to Ireland… twice.

I took a road trip to Colorado.

I got accepted to a Master’s program in Library Science and decided to go to massage school instead.

I went to Texas and visited my family on my Dad’s side that I haven’t seen in almost two decades.  I have two full grown adult brothers and a sister.  Wild!!!

Plus, I have a new boyfriend.

I’ve missed all you guys at Monday night knitting the last four months, but am really looking forward to getting back to the group. I’m signed up for all my classes for 2009 and none of them are on Monday night… sweet! But just because I’ve been consumed with muscle attachments and body mechanics and the new man doesn’t mean there hasn’t been time for any knitting. I am in progress with some holiday knitting and just finished a cowl I made for myself from Malabrigo Silky and Blue Sky Suri held together. The pattern is here (Ravelry link).Ilean Cowl

xo, Jill P.


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