FO: Firestarter Socks

Jill P:

I started these socks while in Hawaii and thought I was going to finish them there.  But I got sidetracked when I didn’t have any size 1 needles with me on vacation to finish the cuffs.  But I finally finished them.

The pattern is Firestarter by Yarnissima.  (505 projects and 1906 queues!)  I used Socks that Rock Lightweight in the colorway Tidepool.  I used size 0s and 1s.  The only “mod” is that I knit an extra repeat on the foot, and maybe an extra one on the leg before switching needle sizes.  There was some more yarn, but I decided to stop where it was because the length was fine.

The striping was going along perfectly until I got to the cuff.  Once I jumped up needle sizes it started pooling on me.  I don’t mind too much.  It’s kind of cool to see how a little change in pattern can really affect the amount of yarn used in each round.

I’m pleased with them.  I never understand how people take sock modelling pictures wearing heels.  First of all, that really isn’t my fashion aesthetic, but also my socks end up so bulky.  I was wearing these in boots yesterday and I felt like my left toes were being squished.  I don’t know if these would fit in Converse let alone heels.

A few years ago I made the Anna knee high socks from Rowan 40.  I really should have listened to the knit bloggers that said you should switch to a smaller needle when working the foot.  After wearing the socks throughout the day they were so baggy.  My point was that I would have worn those with some heels or dress shoes, but the foot was too bulky to fit right.  I don’t want fabric bagging out of the straps.  Now I can really only wear them when I wear rain boots.

Strangely enough my main incentive for posting, was to embed this video my coworker found today.  I don’t know why I love it so much. The title says it all: “Squirell eats a ritz cracker to Huey Lewis’ ‘If this is it” ” [sic]

Enjoy!  Have a happy and safe holiday!  [ I tried to post this on Wednesday but messed up!]

Jill B.


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