Finished handspun

Jill P:

I finally got moving on my spinning and finished some yarns.  I feel like it was taking forever!  I was working on some Lisa Souza 50/50 Merino/Silk that managed to take me months to finish.  It was my first lace weight spinning, so I guess that’s how 4 oz took forever.  But now it’s done and I’m really happy with it.  Maybe a tad underplied though.

I ended up with about 800 yds of it.  I am currently working on a secret project with it.  My one piece of holiday knitting.  Here’s a close-up:

A little uneven, but I’m just glad it’s done!

I’ve had a bunch of cool fiber sitting around waiting for me, so I was eager to spin something a little thicker.  I pulled out some roving balls that I bought from Gaslight Dyeworks.  I think I meant to take pictures of the cute little roving balls but didn’t want to take them out of their bag.  These were in the Jupiter with Rings colorway.  I am a reader of Yarnzombie’s blog and was excited to order some of her fiber.  These were superwash wool, nylon and sparkle nylon.  I was trying just to enjoy spinning and not worrying too much about an even yarn.  This 4.75 oz only took me a couple of days to spin!  My two skeins ended up looking quite different, but I’m very happy with them anyway.

Here’s a close-up, a little blurry:

It’s definitely a little more sparkley in person.  It’s a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn.  I’m excited to find a project for it!

I don’t have much else to report.  I finished a scarf for my co-worker/friend Sam’s birthday.  I was only able to get kind of crappy pictures of it while it was blocking.  It is the Striped Illusion scarf from Knitting New Scarves.  I used Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in Top Hat and Rowdy.  About 1.5 balls each color. 

It was a fun knit.  You use intarsia between the two vertical sides of the scarf.  One thing I noticed after I finished it, was that it was curving considerably to one side.  I thought it was just the pattern.  But then I realized it was because you do all knits on one half of the scarf and all purls on the other side.  My knit to purl gauge is so different that one side of the scarf was ruffling out!  Luckily I was using wool so was able to block the difference out.  I was hoping to get better pictures of the scarf, but have to settle for these ones.

I have to get moving on my knitting projects.  I’ve been doing some online dating and it’s cutting into my knitting time!

Jill B.



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2 responses to “Finished handspun

  1. sulafaye

    Your spinning is great! I hope you can find a sufficiently cool pattern for your Yarnzombie yarn. And what a neat scarf pattern! Hope your friend loved it.

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