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FO: Protopretty DNA Tank

Jill P:

I have been all over the place recently on my knitting.  I’m usually a one or two project at a time person, but right now I have like six things going!  For myself, I have the Road to Golden sweater, the Ruffled Shrug, and the Firestarter socks.  I started a scarf for a coworker and need to start my Special Olympics scarf.  I have been working pretty frantically on Halloween costumes for myself and for Paquito.  I think mine is done (required no knitting) and am almost done with Paquito’s.  I hope he turns out cute.  I don’t want to give away any secrets.  After my Halloween party on Saturday I’ll share pictures with everyone. 

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve finished a project.  I completed the Protopretty DNA Tank about a month ago.  The pattern can be found here

I used the Bouton D’Or yarn that you brought me back from Paris.  It wasn’t until planning on starting it that I realized I had much less yarn than the pattern required.  I decided to go ahead anyway, and I ended up modifying the top quite a bit to make it work.  My gauge was looser than the pattern, so I made the small size to compensate.  I converted the pattern into the round.  This didn’t cause any problems on the cable panel, but was a little weird on the lace panels.  The lace panel is charted and written out.  The two did not match.  I ended up following the chart.  If I had been knitting back and forth though I would have been pretty confused by the chart.  A lot of reversing double decreases and stuff.  But mine seems to look the same as the other people that worked it flat. 

When I got to the armholes, I bound off for a racerback top.  I just kind of fudged it.  Decreasing down into the skinny section and then increasing before splitting the two sections off for straps.  I angled the straps so they would meet the straps in the front.  I made the top more scoopnecked than in the original pattern.  I just bound off for the neck earlier and decreased my straps down more.  I was pretty much fudging it, so it’s not precisely even on each side.  I tried to keep the torchon lace pattern centered within the straps.  Then I grafted the tops of the straps together. 

I picked up along the armholes and the neck and knit for a couple rows then bound off.  I used almost all of the yarn.  Just a tiny ball left, maybe 10 yards. 

The top probably could have benefitted from a few seams.  The bamboo grows like crazy.  I suspected it would, but it’s starting to look a little sloppy around the armholes.  I am happy with how the project turned out, but for whatever reason it is very unflattering.  I think it has to do with the horizontal nature of the DNA cable.  As soon as I put it on I notice fat rolls and it looks like I have muffin top in all these pictures.  Which doesn’t mean I’ll stop wearing it, but I am definitely a little self-conscious in it. 

Project specs:  Bouton D’Or Bamboo in Grappe, 5 skeins 445yd.  US 4 Needles.  Started August 26, finished Sept. 21, 2008.

In other news I went to Hawaii last week with my family.  It was my Mom’s birthday so we all met up and spent about 9 days on Hawai’i and Oahu.  The Big Island was really great and we went to the volcano and saw the lava flow into the ocean (from a long way away =( ).  It was a lot of fun.  I won’t bore you with specifics, but here’s a few pictures of the trip:

And my favorite zoo sign ever:

There are more at my Flickr account if anyone’s interested. 

Oh, and it’s almost our one year anniversary!  I have to check out the archives but I think it’s close.  I remember it was sometime around my birthday (hint hint =)). 

See you at the party!

Jill B.


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