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Up the coast without a companion

Jill P:

I’m pretty behind on updates.  I’ve been meaning to show you all the stuff I bought and did on my mini-vacation.  But now it seems so long ago it’s almost not worth mentioning.

In August I decided to challenge myself and went on a vacation by myself.  I had a lot of grand schemes for it, but it ended up being only 5 days.  I drove up the coast, and ended somewhere around Morro Bay.  The first night I stayed at the house of a spinning guild friend, Edith, in Santa Barbara.  She was very hospitable, and I brought my wheel so we could spin together.  Of course after that it just sat in the back seat of my car taking up space.  I did some shopping in Santa Barbara and walked around on the pier.

I went to three yarn stores and they were all very nice.  But my favorite one was Loop & Leaf.  I bought some Shibui sock yarn and some Habu.  I visited the Santa Barbara Mission and went on the self-guided tour.

Mission exterior:

And interior courtyard:

I stopped in Solvang, the Danish village, and had lunch and went to Village Spinning.  I was thinking about buying a plying head, but they only had the special edition one.  It’s such a cute little town.  I made a few detours near Solvang.  Including Ostrich Land:

(not really worth the 4 dollar admission price!)

And the Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch!  It was just a quick self-guided tour but the little horses are adorable.

I had thought about staying in hostels and flying by the seat of my pants, but that didn’t happen.  There aren’t really any hostels in California, and I got nervous.  So I booked the cheapest hotel I could in the Central Coast area.  Which ended up being in Morro Bay.  This is what $40 a night buys you:

There’s something tacky about a hotel room with a fridge and microwave in it, but boy did it come in handy!  A little dirty, but not too bad.  This is the scene of my Ravelympics knitting, at least for three nights of the challenge.

I made a few day trips.  I drove up to Hearst Castle and took the basic tour.  I was hoping I’d get special treatment for working on the Hearst Newsreel Collection here at work, but no dice.  =)  The setting of the house is so beautiful.  I really loved the guesthouse and the grounds.  But the main house is pretty tacky.  Very garish and overdone.

The view of the ocean:

The pool:

The guesthouse:

And some parts of the main house.  Photography skills not included:

Well, all the rest of them are even worse than that one.

I did some antique shopping in Cambria.  Which set me on my mission to get a Keane print.  Mission accomplished.  I bought “The Stray” off ebay when I got home.  I went to San Luis Obispo one day and just hung out.  I went to Morro Fleece Works and bought some pin-drafted rovings.



And Rambouillet/Alpaca/Silk:

I also went to Paso Robles for the Olive Festival.  I tasted olive oils and had a very tasty tamale.  I bought some crazy balsalmic vinegars too.  One is red apple and the other is peach.  So good.  But I’m not really sure what to use them on.

I had planned on just touching on my vacation and then talking about recent knitting projects, but I went overboard.  I’ll save the knitting for the next post.  It was kind of nice being on my own schedule for this trip, but I definitely prefer to go places with other people.  I got kind of bored in the evenings, and I didn’t make the effort I thought I would to socialize with locals and be outgoing.  And I started getting really cheap and trying to eat super frugally.  Plus a lot of the restaurants were expensive seafood restaurants.  I had to search for something in my price range.  And who wants to go to a nice restaurant just to sit by themselves and read a book?

Talk to you soon!

Jill B.


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