Olympics fever

Jill P., all:

Thanks for the opinions on the Road to Golden.  I am putting it aside currently to work on the Ribbed Mini Dress.  It is my official Ravelympics project.  I decided to try to find a better gold color.  I will maybe order the Knit Picks WOTA Kettle-dyed Gold or try to find a good Cascade 220 gold color.

I’ve been clipping along at a good pace for this dress.  I’m using Filatura di Crosa Zarina that I bought at the Compatto sale.  If I end up using all 10 balls, I’m a little past 35%.  But it seems like when I look at the schematic like I’ve knit up more than half already.  I only have about four inches left on the skirt and then I get to do waist ribbing.

I guess it’s about 15 inches long right now.  I was able to do a lot of knitting on it this last weekend.  I feel like I just watched Olympics and TV all day (besides yummy food at Mishima!).  I’ve modified it to knit in the round.  It didn’t seem to make sense to make two identical pieces of mostly stockinette.  I’m glad I did too, because my stitches look so even and now the skirt is almost done instead of just having a front half of a dress.  I’ll probably just split it above the ribbing.  The way the button placket is done I wouldn’t be able to go in the round on the top unless I totally changed it.

(A nice view of the cat hair stuck on my project.)

Every time before the Olympics start I am like, “maaaybe I’ll watch them.”  And then I get totally obsessed.  I’ve been watching a crap load of Olympics.  I’ve been enjoying the gymnastics and the swimming at night.  I wish I could catch more of the unusual sports.  And I love watching the men’s Water Polo, just to see the guys.  Like swimmers, but a little more burly and not so short legs.  I had a whole plan of sharing my views on the attractiveness vs. grossness of tight uniforms but am getting tired of writing.  Maybe next time.  I also think I should work on my Badminton skills, maybe 2012?  We used to play at work and I was really good.  =)

Oh, and I got Ben to model the Chicken Viking Hat!:

I did make it to some screenings this weekend.  I get into UCLA screenings for free, but usually get too lazy to drive over there.  I saw The Night of the Hunter preserved outtakes presentation and went to the 100th birthday celebration of Sid Laverents on Thursday.  He was in attendance and everything.  I got his autobiography, “The First 90 Years Are the Hardest”.  His amateur film “Multiple Sidosis is on the National Film Registry.  It’s pretty awesome.  The real payoff comes at five minutes in, but it’s all great.  This looks much better preserved and not taped off of a tv screen…

See you soon.  Or you could, you know, post something?  =)

Jill B.


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  1. Looking good! I’ve had my eye on that pattern since it came out. I think that Zarina is gonna work out great for it. I’m interested to see how much yarn it takes you, as I might copy you and get some Zarina too. I’d probably make the skirt a good bit longer for myself, but it’ll be a good guide. P.S. Chicken legs + baby = super cute!

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