Smurf hands and Yoda hats

Jill P,

Somehow I always get into color trends and it’s usually always unintentional.  After a long bout of pink, I’m onto blue/purples. 

I’m making some progress on the Shetland Shorty.  At first I wasn’t really enjoying it, but now that I’m doing the lace body I’m more interested than in the tiny garter stitch.  Here’s where I’m at so far:

But after doing only a couple of rows, my hands are stained purple-ish.  I think it’s the deep purple color that does it.  It’s my left index finger and thumb from pushing the stitches and on the back of my right index finger from wrapping. 

It doesn’t even clean off that easily.  It certainly makes me wonder about the final project.  I’m using Schaefer Anne, and have heard some stuff about Schaefer colors bleeding.  I just don’t want to worry about that all the time. 

I started some new spinning too.  I’m spinning up a 4 oz. bit of Lisa Souza 50/50 Merino/Silk Top, in almost the same colors as the shorty. 

Since it’s top, I was trying to not split it in half and spin it straight as it is.  But this is hard to spin without much pre-drafting.  And I suppose that once it’s been dyed the fibers aren’t really aligned that great anyway.  I am spinning it worsted and pretty thin. 

If I do a 2-ply, it might be lace weight.  I could do a 3-ply for a change.  Or I can try to challenge myself and give navajo plying a shot.  (Especially since I didn’t split the top into three sections, just halfsies.)  But there is some color gradiation and I don’t really want a stripey yarn.  If I ply it off multiple bobbins it will alleviate that a bit.  I can’t decide.  Any suggestions?  Or beads? 

I think this fiber will bleed too.  I’ve had some bad luck with some Lisa Souza yarn that I used.  It kind of ruined a few shirts, just by dripping water onto them in the laundry bag.  And some of her fiber that I spun sock yarn out of stained the head of my wheel. 

I recently finished the Baby Yoda Hat.  It’s for my co-worker Kai who has a baby due in September.  I don’t know if he’s a Star Wars fan, but he’s the IT guy, so he must. 

I used Cascade 220, about half a skein.  It’s knit on US11s and pretty loose.  I used this pattern.  I followed AnnyPurls modifications to add earflaps and I-cord ties.  The ears could use a little finessing, but I think they’re going to stay just like that.  I hand felted it in the sink which helped me to put this project off until I was hitting the baby shower deadline.  I think it’ll look better on a baby than on this IKEA lamp.  I also tried to get Miely to model it:

She just wanted to play with the ties though. 

That’s all I’ve got to show for now!  See you tomorrow at the guild meeting!

Jill B.


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