On a roll

Hey Jill P.

I’m very excited that you’re back in town. I hope you get excited about fiber again so we can totally geek out on it together. I don’t feel like talking about my recent activities. Not because they weren’t great, I just feel lazy. And all I want to do is show you all my recent finished stuff!

This feels like old news, but I finished my Laminaria. I did exactly the amount of pattern repeats that the larger shawl calls for. But instead of using 1200 yds, mine only used 800yds. That seems like a big discrepancy. I think I’m happy with the size of it, but if I had known I’d only use that much yarn, I would have added more repeats into it. Here are some blocking pictures.

The bottom point:

Overall view. Foot and cat included for scale. ha!

Star and blossom sections:

Edging section:

Side tip:

The cats are such a hassle when I’m trying to block. They love to pull the pins out with their teeth. My options are flashy pictures or blown-out natural light pictures.

Here’s me wearing it:

It seemed to take me forever, but I’m pretty much done with the Featherlight Lingerie Dress. I got some pink elastic from Melissa and was able to sew the bodice to the skirt. When I first tried it on, I thought it looked terrible! But everyone at knitting is always so supportive and they all said it looked good. It just seemed really tent-like to me. I went through and sewed in more elastic around the waist part. I think this helped a lot. It cinched it in a lot and made it look like less of a maternity top. I still need to block it, which I think will help a lot. If the skirt portion looks a little longer it will be more flattering.

Here’s the top at least. After I block it, I’ll take a picture of the skirt part too.

Last Monday I started the Provincial Waistcoast by Mari Lynn Patrick from Interweave Spring 2006(?) And this Wednesday, I finished it!

I used Laine du Nord Dolly Maxi in brown. I used just under 6 balls of yarn. Size 8US needles. I made the 35″ size. There seemed to be a problem with the pattern just in this size. After you do the waist ribbing, the patterning on the top of the back doesn’t line up with the patterning below the ribbing. I had to kind of make something up that worked better. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it.

It’s hard to see stitch definition is so dark a yarn. It’s easier in real life. I also think it’s a little more flattering in real life. The front has some cableing and there’s a crossed stitch pattern on the back.

I found some buttons in a vintage button grab bag that I got from Michael’s.

I’ve been working on a Felted Baby Yoda hat, but still need to felt it. I was supposed to be working on my yarn stash, but my next two projects aren’t going to use much stash. I’m planning on starting some socks soon. And yesterday, I couldn’t help myself and started a new lace project. I am so freaking excited about this stole. It’s the Cobweb Lace Stole by Michelle Rose Orne. It was in Interweave Knits a few issues ago. I’m using Malabrigo Lace Yarn in Orchid. Here’s what I did yesterday:

I love, love, love it. I’m going to have to drop some of those stitches which makes me kind of sad. I kind of want to make a skirt with that edging. This will be my first lace project with patterning on both sides. I’m excited but a little nervous. What is that, knitted lace vs. lace knitting? Or the other way around?

I was checking out our blog stats, and someone found the site by typing “fotos of testicals of cutting” (or something really close to that). I think that is hilarious. I would also like to apologize for making us all porn-searchy. On a side note, I think I lost my penis chapstick holder. I took it to the Hash with Monique and now I can’t find it. Sad.

ETA: It was actually “fotos of cutted of testicals”.  Maybe the second of was supposed to be off.  Yuck!

See you soon!

Jill B.



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5 responses to “On a roll

  1. You need to have big flasing light around this post that say, “Warning! Productivity Alert!” Holy crap! I wish I got that much done. The shawl, in particular, is stunning.

  2. Amazing–beautiful work all around! BTW, it’s really weird to me that someone would be doing a search for “fotos of cutted of testicals”

  3. Lisa

    No more penis chapstick holder? How sad! Your projects are amazing! They look awesome. Well done!

  4. Monique

    Jill….i didn’t realize you had finished all that. where was i when you put on the pink ballerina top? it’s so pretty. and the vest is really nice. i looked for the fuzzy penis and could not find it, it must have fallen out of your snatch (ha ha ha).
    see you monday……

  5. For a second I actually had an impulse to pull up google and do a search, but then thought realistically about what I might get and bailed. Much, much, much too gross to take the chance.

    I love your laminaria. I hope to see you wearing it often 🙂

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