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Inappropriate knitted items ahead!

Jill P,

I have a lot to catch you up on, like the Hissy Knits sale, the HomeGirl Cafe SnB and the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Festival. But I’m too eager to share a recent project with you. So those will have to wait for another time. Everyone who knows me, knows I like knitting not only ridiculous, only-queued-by-me-on-Ravelry garments but also stupid little toys and stuff. I’ve been all hot and heavy over the Penis Chapstick Cozy that was making the rounds on Ravelry. I thought it would be the perfect special occasion gift for a fellow knitter of ours. But after spending a few hours making one last night, I kind of thought maybe this other knitter wouldn’t love it the way I do. (What’s that about selfish knitters, Debbie?) So I decided that I was just going to have to keep it for myself. But then this evening I realized that it would be the perfect gift for my friend Michelle who I’m going to visit in Seattle next week for her birthday. But I didn’t want to give away mine so I decided to make a second one. I’m now very tired of knitting penis chapstick covers, but am endlessly amused with taking pictures of them.

So tada!:

I got the pattern here. I used all stash yarn. Knit Picks Merino Style in Nutmeg and Patons Cha Cha for the hair. I already had the Cha Cha from making my “Snatch Pack”. The two cozies used less than half a ball of the Merino Style and very little Cha Cha. My main modification from the pattern is that I added the hair. I experimented a few ways. First I tried to use both yarns together but it was too bulky, especially for the M1s. The second try I just stuffed a plain teste with the fur and pulled tufts out with a crochet hook. That worked okay, but not great. The winning method that I used for the remaining three balls was carrying the fur in my left hand and stranding it behind the plain yarn the whole way around. The yarn would sometimes pull to the front, but mostly the eyelashes would just get caught in the stitches, revealing the right amount of hair. The testicles were definitely the most time consuming part of the pattern. The shaft I could make in about half an hour.

Enough with the chatting and let’s get to the pictures already! These little guys were getting into sooo much trouble.

Finding their way into tight spots:

Trying on Adrienne’s glasses:

I was able to snap this elicit tabloid-style photo. A still-life!:

More kitchen fun:

Then they started playing with all my toys and magnets:

I wonder if they get the Newspeeper from the Peeps Fan Club too?:

And last but not least, chilling out with the Wolfman and the Eraserhead baby:

The sad thing is I only stopped taking photographs because I ran out of room on my memory card. I probably could have kept this up for days. I just thought of a really good one, but don’t want to go through the whole uploading deal again. *sigh*

Before I made these, my coworker came up with some great ideas for modifications, that were extra dirty and may have involved foreskin. But I think the simpler the better. Now they’re kind of cute while they could have been grotesque. I hope no one was offended by the pictures!

I’ll have an update about actual knitting and events later.

Jill B.



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Ye Olde Laminaria

Jill P.:

This weekend I took a trip to the Renaissance and Pleasure Faire in Irwindale.  Sean and I have been planning to go for weeks and finally made it.  He was kind of sick and I’m maybe on the verge of sickness so we didn’t have a lot of energy.  Enough energy to eat frozen cheesecake on a stick though.  I wore a costume that I put together two years ago when we went the last time.  I didn’t get a picture this time, so let’s get in the time machine to 2006 when…

…I looked exactly the same!

I’m wearing a hand-knit corset/bodice that I designed for the event.  I used Louet’s Merlin Avalon yarn: “a magical blend of wool and flax”.  In hindsight I guess clothes were usually woven and not knit back then.  Well, everyone else is a little lax with the authenticity.  At least I’m not wearing a Hot Topic goth corset or something.  Sean got so many comments last time on his Clockwork Orange T-shirt that he had to wear it again this time.  He got about three or four comments this time.  I ran into Mike there but forgot to get a picture with him.  I did take some random pictures later in the day, mostly of people’s backs.

Crazy jester lady:

Bloody goths or something:

Wizard riding a “magical” transporter:

Painted ladies and Sean’s hairy wrist:

All in all, I had a lot of fun.  Even though it was totally gloomy and overcast when I left home, it was super hot by the time we got there.  I put on sunblock this time, but still got kind of sunburnt on my chest.  If I could sum up the Ren Faire in two words, it would be “mammary overload”. 

The rest of the weekend I spent knitting Laminaria.  I finished the star chart on Friday night.

I’m using Misti Alpaca Lace.  I didn’t want to do green like everyone, but I really liked this color at the store.  I was pretty proud of myself, I was able to fix a mistake two rows below.  I forgot to do the 3-into-3 thing and just did a SSSK.  It probably took me as long as it would have to tink back those two rows though.  I just finished the transitional chart this afternoon but may wait a bit before going onto the blossom chart.  I’m going to be demo-ing at the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Festival next Sunday (hopefully with you!) so I should try to card up some more alpaca so I don’t have to do it there at the event. 

In other news, I broke the display on my phone and the phone is slowly beginning to die on me.  If you or anyone calls me and I don’t answer, you must leave a message.  Better yet leave a message with your phone number in it.  Anyone have a decent AT&T/Cingular phone they don’t need anymore?  I also made some mozzarella and ricotta cheese today.  It always takes longer than I think it will.  After all that I feel too lazy to make dinner. 

Jill B.

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They’re all pink inside to me

Jill P.,

I’ve been vigilantly working on a couple of projects.  I started the Featherlight Lingerie Dress from the Lace Style book.  It’s like a little top with a kerchief hem skirt on it.  I’m using the Rowan Kid Silk Haze that it calls for.  I however only have four balls, but the medium calls for five.  I’m trying to fudge it and knit the skirt in the small size and the bodice in a medium and hope that’ll do it.  I could always track more yarn down, or do the hem in a contrast color if I want to.  I’m using stash yarn (kind of, I had to buy a bit more recently) so it’s in bright pink.  Maybe not my first choice in colors for it.  Here’s what I had as of last week:

Yep, just plain stockinette.  For ten inches!  And that’s just the first half of the skirt.  Boo.  I’m almost there though.  But this will take me a while.  I also knit much slower using KSH because I have to look at almost every stitch.

The other project I’ve been working on is Norah Gaughan’s Capecho from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/07.  It’s the one that everyone was pissed about because it doesn’t actually fit like in the cover picture.  It’s a modular knit, made of cabled pentagons.  This is one project that ravelry totally had my back on.  I used the modifications that another knitter had done and they worked out pretty well.  The mods are here.  There is one fewer pentagon on the top row and some other bits added to close the gaps under the arms.  I knit the XS size knowing that it was going to be too big.  I finished it late last night.  I still need to sew on a button, but I might need advice about where to put it.  I kind of like using a shawl pin to keep it closed instead.  It turned out a little bit bigger than I would prefer but I’m super happy with it.  The collar is a little cowl-like, but I knew that going into it.  For whatever reason my hands have been super shaky, I guess, so I can’t get an in-focus picture to save my life.  But here’s some blurry ones!

And the color is more like this one:

I used about 9.5 balls of Karabella Aurora 8, knit on size US8 needles.  I’m going to try to get some better pictures eventually, but I may not get around to posting them again.  I will put them on my ravelry projects though. 

I wasn’t planning on using pink for this project either.  But when Suss Designs had it’s big moving sale last year I found five balls of Aurora 8 in the dollar bin.  I just needed to do some untangling.  (I love untangling!)  Then I saw the same color at Yarns Unlimited for not too expensive so I snatched it up.  I did have to go back for the last ball yesterday though because I never plan ahead with the right amount of yarn.  The collar took almost two balls of yarn.  It was a bit of a surprise.

Now that I’m done with this, I think I’m ready to cast on for Laminaria!  Let the KAL begin!  I’m going to try to finish the first half of my lingerie dress skirt done tonight and be ready to start some lace knitting tomorrow. 

Today I went to the Pierce College Farm Walk.  I demonstrated spinning from 9:30 to 3:30.  I worked on some more of that alpaca fleece.  But that meant handcarding and spinning.  I didn’t like having to explain what I was doing with the carding, because I’m not that experienced with it.  There were maybe five other spinners there.  A couple of people that I already knew from GLASG, Karen and Myrna.  I snagged most of a Dorset fleece.  It might be a crappy one, I can’t tell.  It was a ram’s first shear, so maybe it’s okay.  I felt kind of frantic and just started shoving parts of it in a bag.  I probably accidentally just grabbed neck hair.  I wasn’t able to lay it out flat first or anything.  It’ll also probably sit in my car for months.  It’s kind of a lot of fiber. 

I can’t wait for our SnB tomorrow night!  See you then!

Jill B.

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