Technology is fun… and the natural world is pretty cool too!

I’ve been collecting new gadgets for my big trip.  First up… I got a refurbished 8 gig ipod Nano from  It’s really cute and all I really need since before the end of the summer I’m going to get one of those eagerly anticipated 3G iPhones.  (I’m so ready for a new phone!)  Plus I like the idea of having a tiny incognito device that will not attract pickpockets.  (Sorry. That’s culture of fear talking, I know.)  I made a little iPod cozy for it too.  I used some Trendsetter Blossom scraps that were from a grab bag I got from a friend and put a little wooden button on to secure the flap.  I made a double yarnover on the top edge of the flap to allow the headphone cord to feed through.  And there was no seaming since I knitted it in the round.

iPod Nano

iPod Nano Cozy, Trendsetter Blossom, Size 3 needles, cast on 24 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast-on from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters.

iPod Nano Cozy

But here’s the purchase I’m most excited about…

Two weeks ago I started the quest for the elusive, yet to be officially released, Canon Rebel XSi.  They were trickling into Best Buy two at a time about once a week or so, so I knew I’d have to be on top of it.   (As of today you can get them pretty much anywhere though.)  I got lucky and when I called last Tuesday morning, the lovely woman on the phone said they had just come in and she would put my name on one so I could pick it up after work, no worries.  Yay!  I heart that lady.

I’ve already used it a ton.  The first day I had it, I brought it to work and was commissioned by my boss to photograph the baby shower she was hosting that day.  So I spent a hour or two before the shower speed reading the manual and trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.  But like cramming for any exam, I forgot nearly everything I leaned by the next day and so I am now slowly reviewing and figuring out the cameras quirks.  It’s a really nice bit of technology and takes really fantastic pictures.  The macro/flower setting is very good.  So good that I may, for now, hold off on getting the 100mm macro lens I thought I had to have.  I get the sense that the kit lens (18-55mm with built in image stabilization) will be just fine for my trip to Paris/Ireland and it is nice and compact for traveling as well… unlike the 100mm which is kind of long and heavy.

I don’t want to downplay the fine performance I gotten from my little Kodak EasyShare V550 though.  (The pictures of the Canon were taken with it and everything thing that came before, obviously)  It’s been a great little work horse and my constant companion for the last three year.   And it takes nice close-ups too.  I’m sure that the Canon will not be a totally replacement for the Kodak, especially since the one up it has on the Canon is the ability to take videos.  Which is awesome.  (I just need to get a computer that has a processor fast enough to view them.  All in due time.)  Here’s a little spring time in Los Angeles photo homage to the abilities of my trusty little point and shoot…

I got most of these shots in the neighborhood by the Westside YMCA. There’s so much purple out right now!

Sorry there wasn’t much knitting action today.  I promise there has been tons of knitting going on and I will have updates soon…

xo, Jill P.



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4 responses to “Technology is fun… and the natural world is pretty cool too!

  1. Beautiful pics. Glad you got a nano. I *love* my iPhone and am excited about the new ones coming out too.

  2. What great pictures! I love the colors and the way you have caught the light!

  3. Eeeee!! Congrats on the new camera! The pics are great (especially the passionflower ones). May you and the Canon have many happy photography moments together. 🙂

  4. sulafaye

    So cool! Your pics stopped me in my tracks!

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