Food, food, and some knitting

Jill P.,

I was super excited when Easter rolled around, for a few reasons.  Since high school, with some exceptions, I’ve given up something for Lent.  I’m not religious at all, but I’m interested in religions and I like to give myself a personal challenge.  Forty-plus days is a good amount of time to test your will power.  It’s usually food items, but I have in the past given up TV and making personal purchases.  This year I gave up deep-fried foods and soda.  I thought it would be a super easy challenge, but it did have its difficulties.  The most surprising was Japanese food.  All my favorites are fried, like chicken katsu, tempura, crunch rolls…  I also missed french fries and doughnuts quite a bit.  When I went to the Chinese New Year party I was so picky and difficult.  I kept asking my Mom if she thought such and such was fried, or if it had meat in it, or if I should count sparkling apple cider as soda.  So, on Sunday I finally drank a Coke.  It was slightly disappointing.  I think it was too hot out.  Sometimes it seems like the soda’s too cold and your mouth is too hot and it gets all foamy or something.  Yesterday I went to Chinese food and had Sweet and Sour Chicken and wontons and an eggroll.  I can’t wait for some fries and some Arby’s mozzarella sticks.  The main problem with giving up fried foods was that I didn’t eat any better.  I just ate a lot more non-fried desserts. 

Another reason I wait for Easter to roll around?  The day after Easter candy sales!

Yum, cadbury eggs and Peeps!  I used to belong to the Peeps fanclub.  They’d send me a Newspeeper every holiday or something.  I still love them, but I don’t eat as many as I used to.  I bought all that candy at Ralph’s last night around 11pm.  The only other things in my basket were Kettle chips and asparagus.  I love seeing what other people buy at the grocery store at night. 

I’m toying with the idea of coming up with my own personal “diet” system.  Like Weight Watchers points.  But mine will be something like Gluttony Points.  Stuff that’s good for me, like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, etc. won’t count for any points.  But then I’ll create point values for junk food, desserts and fatty foods.  Then I have to set a point level for the week that’s allowable.  And then maybe slowly move the allotted points down over time.  I’m good at completely cutting things out, but it’s the moderation that’s the problem.  Maybe I’ll start the point system after I eat all those Cadbury eggs. 

Okay, that’s enough about my eating habits.  Here’s the knitting that you’ve been waiting for.  I finished the Retro Redux Shrug on Sunday night. 

The shrug is by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark from Lace Style.  I used almost exactly two skeins of Malabrigo in Holly Hock.  I made the medium size.  This is my first foray into Malabrigo.  I’m not entirely sure what the hype’s all about.  Yeah, it feels good and everything.  But it was hard to wind into a ball, because the yarn was kind of felted to itself in the skein.  And I don’t have a swift and just use the back of a chair.  Very difficult.  But I did recently buy enough Malabrigo to make a sweater with…

I spent all of our SnB last night working on a swatch for a skirt.  I’m planning on making ZsZu from Berrocco.  I have the same yarn the pattern calls for (Boho Colors), but am having a hard time getting gauge.  They call for 20st/4 in. on size 9s.  I started on 8s, then have slowly moved down to 6s.  I finally got gauge, but it seems so tight.  So I’m actually washing my swatch to see if it changes at all.  It is taking a really long time to dry though.  Hopefully it’ll be ready to measure when I get home tonight.  Here’s my wet swatch:

This morning I also started swatching for some socks.  I’m going to use my handspun 3-ply aqua sock yarn.  It’s thicker than fingering weight.  I’m going to make a sock out of the Cat Bordhi book, but haven’t decided which one yet.  Whatever I get gauge for.  But definitely toe-up since I don’t have a lot of yarn.

But with either the skirt or the socks, the likelihood of sticking to my project-a-week pace is close to nil.  I’ll keep you updated though!

 Jill B.


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  1. I went on a hunt for Cadbury Mini eggs and didn’t find any. Ended up with one bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs instead. I was proud of my restraint. They’ve been sitting in my desk unopened since Monday which is amazing too.

    I just checked out the skirt pattern, since I had no idea when we were talking about on Monday night. It looks clever. It will be a fun project for you. I was thinking though that you’re question about gauge might be important enough to warrant an email to Berroco…

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