While I was at home

Hey Jill P.,

I had a lot of crafting time the last couple of weekends.  The tooth extraction went pretty smoothly.  Because the Vicodin made me sick I just took Advil.  I didn’t even get very puffy.  I just looked like I did in high school, little round baby fat face.  The main downside was that I was getting a lot of headaches, which made watching TV and knitting at the same time difficult.  I still tried to do it a bit.  It was easier to do with movies I’d seen before than something I needed to concentrate on, like season one of The Wire.  I was still pretty productive.  I read an entire book, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, knit a lace shawl (a baby one) and did quite a bit of spinning!  I finished the Ostrich Plume Shawl.  I couldn’t tell how big it was, and I didn’t want to crack into a second skein of yarn.  In hindsight I would have gone a little longer on it.  It’s done but it’s tiny!  Just a little shoulder shawl I guess. 

I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it.  It’s goes down a little past my waist and I would just barely be able to tie it in the front. 

On the spinning front, I pulled out the alpaca fleece that my Mom got me at OFFF.  I had drumcarded a bit at your house before, but the rest was still chilling out.  So I handcarded (my first time!) maybe an ounce.  I then spun singles, using a worsted type draw, but allowing the twist to travel into the fiber.  So maybe a woolen draw but inching along…?  I then plied the singles, making a 2-ply yarn.  So now I have two skeins of yarn (counting one from another time), and about 10 ounces more fiber!  It’s a little daunting.  Here’s one of the finished skeins:

I also finished the Merino/Tencel yarn.  I bought the fiber from The Dizzy Ewe.  I had a lot of trouble getting an even thread.  It was a lot easier with the stickier alpaca.

Right after taking these pictures, Paquito darted out of the apartment and scared the crap out of me.  I was able to sneak up on him and grab him.  Then I yelled at him and he was still pouting when I got home nine hours later.

This last weekend I just had nothing to do, so knit quite a bit.  I finished the Clapotis.  I used Brooks Farm Yarn Duet.  I went about two repeats shorter than the pattern.  I somehow made a good guess about when to start decreasing and used almost all of my yarn without running out. 

Double chin alert!:

The yarn is mohair and wool, and the one ply wraps around the other.  The mohair does shed quite a bit. 

I’m working on a shrug right now.  I finished the side to side part but now need to pick up for ribbing all around the outside of it.  Should be done this weekend.  I’ll post pictures then. 

Here’s a full picture of me wearing the Cross Strap Tank.  I was hoping for outside pictures, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I think it looks better in real life.  At least I hope so!

Okay I’m late for work!  I’ve been pretty busy with a rush Bette Davis project at work and haven’t had time for blogging or blog reading.  But hopefully I’ll get a handle on the work soon.  See you tomorrow at the GLASG meeting!

Jill B.



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2 responses to “While I was at home

  1. sulafaye

    Oh, so much goodness! Beauties, all of them, and your clapotis looks so soft!

  2. I think that’s the snuggliest looking Clapotis I’ve ever seen!

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