Pre-surgery preparation

Jill P.,

I think I have everything ready for tomorrow.  I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out on the 20th, but the oral surgeon called yesterday and asked if I wanted to move it up by a week.  The last couple of days I’ve been kind of busy trying to get everything lined up.  I went through my checklist and I think I have everything.

Soft food for the next few days:

Check.  I wish I had gotten pudding or jello or something.  Most of what I have is dairy products.


Check and check.  That second picture was just way too blurry to see full size.  I also have my Wii and some books. 

Pain medication:

Check!  Same photo situation.  It took two trips to Kaiser at 10pm to get these babies.  That pharmacy is always packed.

Yarn wound into balls for a simple medicated-state-of-mind project:

Check!  That’s Brooks Farm Yarn Duet for a Clapotis.  Decided to finally tackle the world’s most knit project ever.  I then started to worry that it’s not mindless enough and decided to get it started a little early.

I think that’s all I need.  I have kind of found myself looking forward to the surgery.  It’s kind of messed up.  I haven’t been having much problem with my teeth, but I do like to imagine that their removal will change my life in a drastically better way.  Even though I had hoped to be able to have room in my mouth.  I would have liked to be able to harness the chewing power of two sets of third molars.  I am looking forward to the new experience of being under anesthesia and also of being under pain medication.  I also think it will be nice to have a four day weekend free of any obligations at all.  I don’t even need to feel bad if I don’t do any work on my hobbies at all. 

I think all this positive thinking is just setting myself up for a big disappointment.  I’m probably going to be in horrible pain all weekend and not able to do any of the fun things I imagine myself doing.  I’ll try to take a picture of my face all swollen and bruised up. 

I’ve been spending my last hard-food-chewing lucid moments on fun stuff.

You know, the Ostrich Plume Shawl and hard sticky foods.  Oh yeah, and an entire Trader Joes pizza I ate for dinner tonight.  I couldn’t eat left overs so I just crammed down the whole thing.  Right before a cupcake and a Rice Krispie square. 

Okay, time for bed.  Thanks again for driving me to and from my appointment!

Jill B.



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2 responses to “Pre-surgery preparation

  1. One word – milkshakes. I lived on them for about a week when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Good luck!

  2. What a trooper you were! I’m glad everything went so smoothly. Sorry we didn’t get to hang yesterday, but I can’t wait to see you tonight at The Spot!

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