So flabergasted at myself I almost forgot to blog it!

Warning: This post contains a wicked lot of photos. Avert your eyes if you’re easily offended by rainbows!

The scarf/shawl I declared I would be knitting forever is finally finished… Actually I finished it last week and have been unabashedly showing it off wherever possible. (Read: I wore it to Compatto. They are very generous with their oohs and ahhs there!) This weekend it’s slated to debut at That Yarn Store’s Martini Night and the monthly GLASG meeting.

Those who knit with me know that I have been crab-assing about this project for over a year. Feeling bored with the feather and fan pattern and doubting that in the end that my work would do the beautiful rainbow handspun from Perchance to Knit the justice it deserves. I was given an unexpected knitterly boost when this humble little piece of lace became one out of 305 of Brooklyn Tweed‘s favorites on Ravelry. Since then I’ve felt obligated to see if ultimately it could live up to such an honor.

Well, I must say I’m pleased. I will never again doubt of the power of a sturdy blocking.

Hearty thanks to all who have given me such generous compliments and encouragement! I couldn’t have done it without you…

As an extra special treat for any diehard rainbow lover/beach bums out there, I give you the Venice Beach photo shoot…

Friday was such a lovely beach day. I left work early last week to meet our webdesigner who’s office is on Rose and Main in Venice Beach. (I used to live right therein a tiny little bungalow with a shared courtyard and it so was awesome! Though the boardwalk seemed a little scummier than I remembered. Maybe it’s my age, or maybe I was just accustomed to that scene back then. Sorry, I was too intimidated to to take any pictures of the strange peeps.) Anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to catch the sunset and take some nice photos.

surfers on venice beach

Do you see the little birdie at the bottom of the next photo? Cute!! I love him to bits!

Hello little sandpiper!

I can’t believe this was my first visit to the beach since I’ve moved back to the Westside. Shame on me. Must make a resolution to go much, much, much more often.

So, BTW, I never meant for this post to be so long, but I must have a gotten a little advance on my Luck O’ the Irish. As I’m sitting here at work, blogging (shh! don’t tell my boss!), this giant storm system came rolling in. It was super strange with a thick layer of dark, dark gray clouds, but I could still see brightness on the horizon. This is the view from my desk…


And here’s downtown Los Angeles with a little digital zoom assist…

Downtown Los Angeles

The storm was leaving as quickly as it arrived and suddenly I realized… IMG! Rainbow!! I lept from my desk and went running around the penthouse sure that we must have the right angle off one of the gazillion balconies here. And as I burst out into the hallway, there it was.




Arching over Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Can you spot the blue and green Pacific Design Center Buildings on the left by the yellow crane in the previous photo?

Now that was pretty cool!

And no less than fifteen minutes later, we’re back to our regularly scheduled big, beautiful, blue sky…

blue sky moments later

Have a glorious weekend!

xo, Jill P.



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12 responses to “So flabergasted at myself I almost forgot to blog it!

  1. WOW! Came here from Susie’s page and I absolutely love the shawl!! Is there a written pattern or did you make it up?

  2. Double Wow – that is just gorgeous! Susie sent me and I am so glad that I stopped by!

  3. Absolutely, fantastically gorgeous! Makes me want to try my own hand at lace!

  4. Ria

    BrooklynTweed’s not the only one who’d added that shawl as a Favourite! It’s beautiful! Feather-and-fan can be such a pretty pattern when done in fine yarn, and the rainbow colours seem to bring it out much more than a plain-coloured yarn does. I love it!

    It makes me wish I had a rainbow of yarn in my stash so that I could make one for myself. 🙂

  5. absolutely gorgeous! as a fellow PTK fan (not only fan but a very lucky woman, since she even calls me her friend *blush*) i couldn’t resist visiting…and not only do you regale us with a beautiful piece of knitting (starting with some beautiful spinning of course), but with rainbow pictures 🙂 don’t know if you noticed or not, but you also caught a double rainbow on the third pic down…hard to see but it’s there!

    thanks for sharing with us

  6. Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Since someone asked…

    There are lots of feather and fan stitch patterns out there, but this is the one I used and a general guide to the scarf pattern…

    Cast on in a multiple of 18 stitches (I cast on 90 for a total of 5 pattern repeats)

    Knit 6 rows to start

    Repeat the following four rows for as long as you like…
    R1 (RS): Knit
    R2: Purl
    R3: *(K2tog) 3 times; (YO, K1) 6 times; (K2tog) 3 times; rep from * across row
    R4: Knit

    End by working row 2 of pattern.

    Knit 6 rows and bind off loosely.

  8. Sock Knitter

    WOW! That is simply STUNNING and you should be proud!!!!!!!!

    And, it’s from one of my MOST favorite Indie dyers too, although I know she didn’t dye this — I am 2,000,000% (I’ve heard that said on a certain Reality TV show lately, so it must be a new %age I was previously aware of ::gg::) she would have no problem doing so!!

    I love, love, love the project and your photos too!

  9. Peggy

    Outstanding Photograpy with great use of light! The photos of the shawl on the beach are especially nice.

    Fun to see the rainbows and veiw from your office.



  10. It’s lovely! And what fun pictures!!! YAY!

  11. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  12. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! zemtu and 8791qfxstcnfhz and 8532 : Great!

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