Birthday Mitts!

Jill B.!

Thank you so much for my Birthday Mitts. They are so perfect! I’ve been wearing them non-stop since yesterday.

I think I was able to get the color to represent pretty well in the photos.

Not only are they special because they are a pattern I’ve been wanting to make for myself (Evangeline…Ravelry Link) at the perfect length, but I love, love, love that you used your handspun. Soft, warm and oh so squishy! It makes them even more dear to me.

xoxo, Jill P.



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3 responses to “Birthday Mitts!

  1. It does look comfy and squishy! Lucky JP! It still baffles me how JB knit so fast! 🙂

  2. Boggles my mind too! My new idea to gain speed is to try and learn to purl backwards, which would mean never turning the work. Haven’t researched it yet but I did see a few tutorials online… we’ll see!
    Jill P.

  3. I love these! So nice that you got a handmade, handspun gift!

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