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Hi Jill B.

Sorry to be a such a blog hog, it’s just that I’ve got some time to kill at the office. I’ve been told I can leave early, but I have to wait for the mailman to bring the mail and he’s late. It’s 3 freakin’ pm already! Sooo to distract myself from my desire to bolt for the weekend, I’ve put together a few updates for y’all…

Finished Baby Surprise Jacket

Pattern Source: Elizabeth Zimmerman (various)

Yarn: My handspun, handdyed, roving is mill ends from Brown Sheep dyed in Cushings Acid Dyes (navy, reseda green, buttercup yellow), spun up two ply worsted/aran weight-ish.

Notions: Heart shaped wood buttons from Compatto

Needles: Knit Picks Harmony Options size 7

Gauge: Much bigger than recommended, probably would fit a two to three year old

Started late December 2008 and finished mid-January 2008

Notes: Added I-Cord border and three I-Cord buttonholes.  No border on neck.  Was going to add extra length to arms by picking up stitches and knitting a few more rows in the undyed yarn, but ran out of yarn and didn’t feel it was worth spinning more since it looked fine the way it was.  I ended up blocking out the arms a lot in length to compensate.

I had some handspun from like two or three years ago that I dyed after my first GLASG dye day. I thought I could use it for the whole sweater, but boy was I wrong. That skein made it through the sleeves. then I spun up some undyed roving for stripes… twice. Luckily I still had left over dye from that skein from long ago and made an attempt to get something at least complimentary. When all was said and done I had used over 8 ounces of fiber for this little bugger!

I really was shocked at how much yarn this little garment sucked up, but that made it a great learning experience.

Since then, I decided to cast on the modified monkeys in my STR Alina skein. I settled on no-purl, toe-up, a combination of magic loop and two circs (depending on how many stitches are on the needles… the arch expansion gets too tight for my 32in cord) using Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed Architecture (and her standard toe and reinforced heel). I’m really amused by the way the colors have been shifting based on the increasing in the arch. the socks started out with a perfect distribution of color, but as I increase, the pools come and go. I imagine as I get to the leg, they will settle back into a regular pattern similar to their behavior in the toe. (BTW, you can’t see that in this particular picture unfortunately. I’m must take some more updated ones soon…) We’ll see!

The word is that people have been getting their Socks that Rock club shipments today. I called my UPS store and they said there were no packages for me. Waaaa! I hate my UPS store. I’m guessing the real reason I haven’t gotten my package is not because of my mail place, but because I ordered a project binder to go with my club membership. Possibly they sent out the “yarn only” packages first? I choose to hate my UPS store anyway. It’s frustrating to think there are people all the way in New Hampshire who have their super sweet new sock yarn and I don’t. Okay, I’ll stop crying and focus on the amazing time I’m having knitting my crazy monkeys. They really have been a ton of fun and I just can’t get over the brilliance of doing two at once. It will feel so good when I’m finished to just put on a pair of socks…

And now it’s time for… Kitties!!! Here are some super cute shots of the Jill B’s kitties from last weekend…

You really can’t tell from these photos, but Paquito is such a beautiful shade of soft grey and pale peach which seems to me quite unusual. Jill B… why don’t you save some of that fiber? You could make a cat sweater for reals! Ha, ha!

Nothin’ feels better than a tongue made of sandpaper in your ear…

xo, JP


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  1. That is one of the cutest BSJ’s I’ve ever seen. LOVE the yarn you picked, it’s adorable. You do some very lovely work. 🙂

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