Holy cow-a-roonie

You’ll be so proud of me… I finally finished the Cat Bordhi Cables and Corrugations socks. Yay!

This is my official first finished, knit on tiny needles, actual pair of socks. Anyone know where I pick up my Certificate of Achievement, hmm?

Colinette Jitterbug in Popsicle colorway, 1 skein

Size 2.25mm, on 2 circs

Started October 2008, finished Jan 18, 2008

Modifications… Omitted the two side cables and only knit the one in the back. Also shortened the cuff on both socks, differently. Nine corrugations on one and eight corrugations on the other, because I ran out of yarn. They’re so funky that it’s not too noticable, though I do think I might have a bit of a curse when it comes to running out of sock yarn. Must knit more socks to confirm.

Speaking of knitting more socks… I joined the Socks that Rock club this year and they just processed my payment. Word on the street is that they will be shipping kits in the third week of January, but word also says that the West Coast will be getting theirs last. No matter. I was thinking of casting on a quick pair of “No-purl Monkeys” in the interim with some old STR yarn from stash. My other idea was to see if I could try that trick of knitting two socks inside each other using a super simple/plain pattern. Thoughts?

Actually, I really should be finishing up some ancient WIP’s. Speaking of WIP’s… Since I have no portable projects on the needles, I will be bringing the dreaded rainbow feather and fan stole/scarf thing with me to Compatto’s Sip n’ Stitch tonight. Maybe we can reignite our love for one another with a little help from a nice, solid wine buzz.

I’m also going to bring the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch N’ Bitch Nation to show you. I finished and blocked them last night. I was afraid they would come out too small, even for my tiny-wristed oboe student, who they were made for, but actually they blocked out quite nicely. The thumb is a little strangle-ee though. But, should be fine on Erica. Here are the quick specks…

Cascade 220, black

Size 6 circ, harmony needles w/32 inch cord, using magic loop

Took about a week, but should have taken three-four days, finished Jan 17, 2008

Modifications… Couldn’t figure out how to reverse the cable pattern so did the same on both. You’d never notice it anyway because the yarn is so dark. Also added a few extra rows to the top of ribbing and did a ribbed bind off.

Don’t you love my blocking apparatus? Two olive oil bottles from Trader Joes. We had just thrown one into the recycling the night before, so when I got the idea, I had to go outside to dig it out so I’d have the pair. Picture me at 8am, in bathrobe, with bedhead, digging through recycling bin at the end of my driveway on National Blvd. Lovely.

xo, JP


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