Adventures of a Holiday Sweater…

Hi Jill B!

I know this is a bit belated, but I think you”ll still enjoy it…

“The Adventures of a Holiday Sweater” or “Jill P. Visits Four States and Takes All Her Pictures With a Miniature Sweater and Everyone Thinks She’s a Little Strange”

SOOOOO, I loved the tiny little sweater you made me for Christmas and thought it would nice to take to Boston with me and use as our tree topper at my mom’s house. Well, little Sweater seemed to take on a life of her own and boy was she a diva, always posing and sticking her cute, little mug in the shot.

We got to the airport early and had some time to get breakfast and hang out at the gate for a while. It was Christmas eve, so the airport was fairly busy, but not out of control. We got buckled into our seats. Sweater is a little nervous flying for the first time so she got her drink on right away.

After Sweater passed out, I had a little time to myself to work on some of my last minute holiday knits. This is the beginnings of a triangle scarf I made for my cousin (It’s an improvised pattern, lots o’ garter stitch, in Knitpicks Shadow.)

Our arrival in Beantown was super exciting! there’s no place like home…

Mmmmmm, Dunkin’ Donuts. How I’ve missed you chocolate frosted and chocolate honey-dip.

Boston is a very cultural town, so of course there was an art exhibit in the airport. And everyone knows that no art exhibit is complete without a sheep painting.

Time to meet the folks! Mom and her DH met us at baggage claim and welcomed Sweater to the family.

Kermit Kitty was a bit suspicious and probably just a little too under the influence of his new catnip toy to give Sweater the time of day.

Mom and her DH saved the joyful task of tree trimming to me and OG… and Sweater. I think Sweater did a great job, don’t you?

We spent Christmas day with family in Connecticut. The food and drink was fabulous! In New England, the only true cure for a holiday hangover is a long drive up the craggy coast of Maine for a lobstah feast complete with Shipyahd Ale and Clam Chowdah! Oh, and don’t forget the dessert! Some sort of puff pastry sundae and apple crumble. Sweater has a mighty appetite would you say?

It was a beautiful day and Sweater soaked in picturesque views of the Atlantic and a charming little lighthouse in York.

The next day we took a drive up to New Hampshire to visit more family. Sweater was the life of the party!

Sweater really hit it off with Disembodied Head. She thought this was a match made in heaven…”I have no head, you have no sweater… let’s be friends!”

Sweater also discovered where they had been hiding all the snow!

Exhausted from all the traveling, Sweater suggested that our fatigue could only be remedied by a pilgrimage our to Webs in Northampton, MA. The men disagreed, so Mom, Sweater and I gleefully hopped in the car and hit the road for a girls only adventure. Due to the madness of “End of the Year Warehouse Sale” I wasn’t able to capture a single photo inside the yarn store. My brain totally went into fiber overload and I think Sweater just lost consciousness. Webs is enormous and wonderful! We spent about two and a half hours in there and it felt like two and a half minutes. (Note to self… next time, plan for six hours minimum and bring a sack lunch.) We got a lot of good stuff. Mom uncovered a whole bunch of discontinued Skye Tweed. Lucky! (BTW, this is her photo, Nice, huh?)

I ended up with several cones of cottonflake, 10 skeins of Twize 327, a ton of bulky merino in Spring Melody colorway, some other random stuff and a special treat of 2 skeins of laceweight malabrigo in glazed carrot colorway. Ooh, I also got this really nice dragonfly shawl pin. Sorry there aren’t any photos of the amazing innards or the stuff we got, but you can imagine it, can’t you? Here’s the outside of the store anyway…

The ride home was a little treacherous with the sleet and fog, but Sweater’s keen guidance kept us on the road and out of trouble.

Weather wise, the trip to Webs in Western MA was probably the worst of it, which isn’t saying much. We were really blessed by mother nature and had sunny skies much of the time. OG and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood where my Mom lives in Chelsea, the smallest city in Massachusetts, and got some really nice shots in the sun!

Our last day in town was filled with more New England touring. We had yummy breakfast at Beach Street Cafe in Manchester By The Sea

and took a little stroll around town to check out the locals,

followed by lunch with my cousin in Newburyport (My favorite place on earth! I will live there someday!) Newburyport has a really nice LYS called A Loom With A View. Their website isn’t much to look at, but their yarn selection is prime! I really like this new yarn line they carry called Mirasol. My Mom got me a couple skeins of Hacho for X-Mas and I picked up a few skeins of Cotanani to swatch for the Cobblestone Pullover I want to make. The nice woman working there humored me by posing with Sweater.

All and all it was a lovely trip and I think Sweater had a good time. We got home super late, but just in time to pop open a bottle of bubbly and knit toast in the New Year. Thanks again Jill B. for picking Sweater and us up at the airport. It was a nice welcome home 😉

xo, Jill P.



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2 responses to “Adventures of a Holiday Sweater…

  1. Wow! That’s quite the whirlwind holiday you and Sweater had. Your blog caught my eye when I was searching Ravelry for something to knit with the Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita I bought for a project and realized later it wouldn’t felt. It caught my eye because I’m an oboist, too! Or at least I used to be – I haven’t played much lately.

    Happy knitting!

  2. oboegoddess

    Always thrilled to meet another oboist, no matter how long it’s been! Thanks for checking out the blog.
    All the best, JP

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