Ready for Christmas


 So I guess I’m all done with my Christmas knitting and ready to leave tonight.  I’m flying home to Camas (near Portland, OR) this evening.  I got all packed up yesterday and I guess that’s it.  I was working on a mix CD for my Uncle kind of late last night.  I usually get pretty lazy about organizing songs on a mix but this time tried to figure out what worked in what order.  I’m so used to listening to music on shuffle now that I don’t usually notice bad transitions.  I don’t know if he’ll like any of the music but oh well.  I made it like a mix of new-ish indie pop stuff and some older music, like girl groups. 

The hardest thing is packing knitting projects!  I’m taking the sleeves of my sweater coat with me on the plane.  I’m also packing some Patagonia Nature Cotton to use to make an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Sweater for my cousin and two colors of Cascade 220 to make some herringbone mittens for myself.  Free pattern from Elliphantom here (pdf).  I’m a little concerned about the Patagonia.  EZ’s instruction call for a yarn that gets 6 stitches to an inch in garter.  According to the ball band the Patagonia is like 13 stitches to 4 inches.  I’d like a sweater a little bigger than hers, because I hear it’s tiny but I don’t want a giant child’s sweater to give a baby.  I may have to re-evaluate. 

I finally took pictures of the sweater coat in progress.  The lighting was pretty crappy this morning.  It’s all grey and rainy out.  I finished the back and the two fronts and am about half way on the first sleeve.  Here’s some pics:

And a close-up:

It’s kind of hard to take pictures of it because nothing’s sewn together and the pieces are rolling like crazy.  It’s like holding up tubes of fabric.

I felted the Vintage Velvet scarf by hand on Sunday.  It was hard to tell when it was felted enough.  It ended up pretty skinny, but I think I stretched some length into it.  I’ve been letting it dry, but it’s taking a long time.  I’ll have to pack it up while it’s a little damp.  It’s a little difficult to tell what the fabric will look like when it’s completely dry.  I hope it’ll be a little softer than it is now.  My sister looves velvet, so hopefully it’ll feel like that. 

I didn’t do a lot of holiday knitting this year so I haven’t felt too far behind.  I’m just proud of myself for knitting from my stash the last few months, not going further into debt this month and getting all my shopping done like a week ago.  Now I can relax and make more stuff for me!  I can’t wait to do something more exciting than all this stockinette.  Bring on the colorwork!

In non-knitting news… I’ve been Internet dating a bit.  One message got filtered out a while back and I just saw it the other day.  The first paragraph was about his sister baking in the middle of the night when they were growing up.  But the second paragraph said something like, “From your picture and profile you seem shy and reserved.  But I bet you’re soft and warm once you get to know someone and let them inside.”  It was something like that.  Maybe I added the “inside” stuff since I’m remembering it as totally creepy.  But weird huh?  Internet dating can be totally scary and awkward. 

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone and I’ll try to blog a bit while I’m out of town.  But maybe without pictures.  Jill P. and I might have a knitting New Year’s if anyone’s interested! 

Jill B.


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