Camera woes

So first off, I’m totally jealous of your celebrity favorite!  How exciting! 

I’ve been hesitating to post because I don’t have any pictures to liven it up with.  I tried to upload my Mystery Stole pictures, but my internet wasn’t working.  Then I tried to take new pictures but my camera batteries will no longer hold a charge.  I need to buy new ones, but I’m awfully lazy. 

So here’s the boring, no picture, progress report.  I’ve been working on the Log Cabin socks from Handknit Holidays pretty dutifully.  They are for Sean for Christmas so there’s kind of a deadline.  I’m knitting them out of Cascade Pastaza on 6US DPNs.  The thick yarn on smaller needles is a little tough on my hands but I have been trying to practice holding my wrists and elbows at a better angle.  I finished the first sock Tuesday night and completed half of the second leg yesterday.  It’s going pretty quick even though I need to make them size 12 mens!  They look giant on my feet.  They’re just going to be house socks anyway.  I don’t know if he’ll like the burgundy color, but that’s what I had in my stash.  I should have them finished this week.

I also worked on the Kooch sweater coat a bit.  I’m working on the first front right now, but am back on track after taking a tiny break from it. 

I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket last weekend, but I haven’t blocked it yet.  Now it looks like a big lumpy mess.  And not in the way that people always say about lace.  It’s a total blob.  I’m pretty happy with it though, and think my Uncle will like it.  I wish it didn’t shed so much though.  I also wish I was better at doing the finishing stuff.  Whenever water or buttons are involved it’s always a struggle.

I guess that’s all I’ve been working on.  I’m getting pretty excited about our upcoming fiber dyeing class with John Pitblado.  It’s at the Weaver’s Cottage.  If anyone’s interested that’s where Jill P., Jason and I will be on Saturday!  Since Jill P. is driving I’ll have to bring my knitting for the car ride! 


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  1. Hey lady, how fast do knit??? 😆

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