Okay, okay… I’ve been super slow about writing.  It felt kind of sad to blog while Jill P. was out of town, with no one to respond to me.  But now she’s been back for days and I’m just now getting around to it.  And I had actual work to do at work, so not much blogging or blog reading time.  So, let’s see.  I said that I was going to be crazy prolific so that Jill would be jealous that she was at a knitting-outlawed retreat.  (I can’t decide if I should write this to Jill, or to the readers.  I should just pick one and stick with it.)

So the weekend before last I knit Le Slouch from Knit and Tonic.  I used some of my early handspun.  It was a 2-ply out of merino that I think was colored, Forest- multi.  It was really pretty in the roving, but got pretty muddled in the spinning.  It was pretty uneven but worked in seed stitch it’s kind of hard to tell.  So it’s a big ole slouchy beret.  I like the idea of it, but don’t know if I have the nerve to wear it out.  I thought I would use the whole 4 oz, but only needed like 2 1/2 of it.  It’s about a worsted weight I guess.

Le Slouch 2

It’s a lot more pink then I remember.  I think my second skein is more green.  Another non-modeled shot:

Le Slouch

I cast on for Brooklyn Tweed‘s modification of the Hemlock Ring Blanket.  I’m using Cascade Pastaza in light grey.  I bought this on sale a while ago, so had it in the stash.  I’ve used a little more than 2 skeins and it’s already about 4 feet in diameter without blocking.  I have 4 skeins total, so it should be pretty big.  I’m planning on giving it to my uncle for Christmas, but worry about giving him something he can’t machine wash.  The yarn is pretty soft.  It’s 50 llama/ 50 wool.  But it’s a big fatty single and it sheds all over the place.  I’m covered in fuzz after knitting with it.  I can’t believe that would be less of an issue after it’s knitted, but maybe.    Here’s an in progress picture dating over a skein ago:

One of my Knitpicks options cables is pulling out of the join, so I have to get them to send me a replacement.  Because I’m too lazy to switch needles on the blanket, my progress has been stalled.  I should probably finish that first out of all my projects.

 I finished the Vintage Velvet scarf, but still have to felt it.  I’ll post pictures when that’s done. 

I was inspired to finish my Ram’s Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature the other day.  I finished the knitting of it about six months ago.  The collar didn’t really fit into it right so I just shoved it into a bag.  I pulled it out the other day and just decided to make the collar really big so that it will fit into the neck.  What was holding me back was that the longer the collar gets, the bigger it gets on one side.  I don’t have any pictures right now, but the collar is shaped like a Ram’s Horn, hence the name, and it is assymetrical.  I decided that big was okay.  Now I need to decide what to do about the edges of the collar that keep rolling up.  I think that blocking will help, but I tried doing a 3-needle bind-off to the two edges, but it looked a little flat.  I guess this doesn’t really make sense without seeing it.  I’ll take a picture soon.

 I also blocked the Swan Lake Stole (MS3) and took mid-blocking pictures.  Need to upload them though.  I thought it would be easier to block a straight edge, but it ended up just being more obnoxious to thread the wires through the entire side.  At least with points you can jam the wires in at the points and be done with it.

I have started a new project for myself as well.  It’s a long sweater coat that was featured in Rowan Magazine 38.  I’m using Yorkshire Tweed DK and Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply held together as called for in the pattern.  I bought this yarn over a year ago in a big all out search and am just getting to it now.  The fabric feels a little dense, but I guess that’ll be good with a longer garment.  I finished the back while at my sister’s place for Thanksgiving and am now working on one of the fronts.  It’s pretty simple, with mostly stockinette with seed stitch borders and a matching waist and neck band.  The monotony of the stockinette was what was stopping me from starting it.  I’m making the size Small, because even that one has a bust measurement of 41 1/2″ even though it’s supposed to fit a 34″ bust.  I decided to go down a size just in case.  That’s a lot of ease.

At SnB at The Spot a couple of weeks ago, we gave Jun the baby blanket we’ve been putting together.  And when I say we, I mean that Jill, the rest of the group and I all contributed one square, and Kim and Mary made the daisy squares and Kim put it all together.  So I was hardly involved.  Here’s Jun and Kim posing with it for me:

I think it turned out really nice. 

To close with, here are some pictures of the handspun that I finally finished a couple of weeks ago.  On the spinning front, I’m finally done spinning the silk singles from tussah roving and am going to ply them this weekend.  I had intended to ply them with something else, like mohair, but I don’t have any mohair hanging around, so I’ll just ply it with itself.  I didn’t really enjoy spinning on the fold for some reason.  It took forever!  And I kept pulling more off the rope, and the remaining fiber didn’t seem to get any smaller. 

Have a good weekend!  I’ll have more to share next week!

Jill B.


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  1. Wow! You got a lot of stuff. I am dizzy just reading about all that you had done! I love that green yarn you spun.

    That baby blanket is a beauty!

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