Finishing stuff

I was so productive this weekend.  It was incredible.  I got off work early on Friday, so I did laundry, took in a roll of film to be developed, went grocery shopping and finally finished some yarn that I spun months ago.  I also pinned out my 3-cornered shawl for blocking before I left the house that morning.  I thought that it would be quick, but it took me like forty minutes to pin the stupid thing out.  It is like six feet long, so I had trouble finding somewhere to put it.  It eventually went on my bedroom floor.  I only have two small-ish foam core boards for blocking, so I had to use towels in the middle section.  And T pins do not work very well on a towel as it turns out.  I had to pin it directly into my rug.  I was using the Myrna Stahlman blocking wires, but had to overlap them since the shawl was so big.  If I had a better blocking surface this probably would have been easy though.  It was just very fumbly.  I had done an immersion block, so the shawl was all wet, and I was trying to figure out how to do the points on the edging.  I eventually just randomly jammed the wires though the ends of the points and called it good.  By the time I was finished I was an hour late to work.  Hmm.

Here’s the shawl all pinned out:

And here’s a close-up:


Jason took some pictures of me showing it off at the spinning guild meeting.  Here’s the link:

I hope this won’t be the only time I ever wear it!  But seriously it’s kind of huge and I don’t have much of an occasion for that kind of thing.

The yarns that I finished were a 2-ply yarn that I spun out of Crosspatch Creations, using a worsted-type spinning style.  I had to rinse it out a bunch of times because the color was leeching so much.  The water looked like tea.  I eventually just got tired of rinsing it out so decided not to care that the water wasn’t coming out clear.  I also set the twist on a 2-ply 80/20 merino/tussah yarn.  This one was spun using a long-draw.  I tend to not put enough twist in using woolen techniques, so need to work on that.  I also soaked a single spun from some indigo-dyed merino I bought from Margarete from Stick and Stone.  It was my first attempt at a somewhat bulkier yarn.  It didn’t work out that great, pretty uneven and not that thick either!  I thought I would try to finish/full it like Judith mentions, but I was a little hesitant.  What’s to stop it from just felting all together all crazy.  But I really wanted to be sure that I stabilized it more since it’s just a single.  I made a compromise and was a little more aggressive with squishing it around in the soap and rinses.  But I certainly didn’t pull out the plunger or rinse it in cold water.  I maybe should have weighted it down to get rid of some of the twist, but I didn’t want to lose elasticity.  I took pictures of them, but haven’t had the energy to upload them to flickr yet.  Maybe next time. 

I’m getting close to done on the Cedar Dancing socks.  Coming up to the toe on the second sock. 

I’m about to start the third and final ball on the Vintage Velvet scarf.  It’s going to be a little short, but not really anything I can do about it now. 

Have fun on your retreat!  Hopefully I’ll have lots to show you when you get back!

Jill B.


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