A post before I head out

Hi Jill B!

So I’ve been all hot and bothered about the muir shawl and got the yarn and printed out the pattern and stuff. I’ve even considered getting involved with beads. My biggest dilemma was that I joined the muir KAL on yahoogroups and everyone is starting the shawl on Nov 15th. So by the time I get back from my meditation retreat I’ll be way behind. To top it all off, now there’s that ravishing raven shawl you were talking about. Do you think it would be too complicated for me to try? If you’re as into it as I am (which it seems like you are ;-), maybe we can try it together once it gets published… Might be a good after the holidays project. You know you need new yarn to start off the new year right!

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the sock. I can use all the moral support I can get right now. I may just barely finish before I leave for my meditation retreat. All I have left is the leg. But according to my calculations, that’s still eight hours worth of knitting. I should have worked on it some last night, but I pretty much just went to bed. Feeling much too sickers to do anything productive. Here’s a visual update of where I’m at, taken just moments ago…











Is it just me or is there a lot more yellow in the second sock than the first. I didn’t realize these skeins were so irregular. I was also a little annoyed that there was a knot in it. I wasn’t sure what to do with it at the time and didn’t have the internet handy to look up some fancy Russian join or other crazy thing, so I just re-knotted it in a different place so it wouldn’t end up on the sole. All and all, I do really love these socks. They fit so snug! They were also really interesting for me to knit. I’m really starting to get the hang of Cat Bordhi’s techniques. She’s a genius! Though, next time I think I’ll pick something that has less purling cause I’m really slow at that.

So about your velvet scarf for your sister… I didn’t realize that yarn was feltable. How cool! Can’t wait to see it. Oh, and congrats on your amazing shawl show n’ tell at the guild meeting. I can’t wait to see it in person! Jason took great photos! See…














Thanks Jason for all the great shots!

So, I’ll be incommunicado until Nov 26th. Hey, that’s perfect though cause we’ll be able to catch up at the Culver City Stitch n’ Bitch on Monday night. I should be pretty interesting to talk to at that point, having just come out of 10 days of noble silence!

xo, JP


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