Have you seen the new Raven colors at Blue Moon?  Holy shit.  I love them so much.  Anne from Knit Spot has been working on a shawl pattern out of it, and it looks really cool.  The decision is if I want to order some of it now or wait until there’s some sort of pattern or kit.  I think there’s going to be some kind of book eventually.  I could even order a sheep 2 shoe kit of it!  But that sounds awfully ambitious.  I made a pair of socks out of Lorna Laces Black Purl colorway that ended up kind of muddled in an actual sock pattern.  The pattern would have worked better with something less varigated.  I think I really need to not order anything right now. 

That sock looks really good!  I thought it would look crazier than it actually does, with that color and everything.  But it turned out really nice.  You finished it in pretty good time, so you should get the other one done before you leave. 

I knit up the first ball of Touch Me that I had for that scarf, and am going to switch over to the sock.  At least until I get home and can start the second ball.  I only have three balls total.  One ball amounted to about 14 inches of scarf.  It could maybe be stretched a little though.  But that only gives me a 42″ scarf.  A little short.  And it is going to be felted, which according to the book isn’t going to affect the size much.  But hmmm.  There’s a offhand chance that I do own a fourth ball.  I bought it at half off, which means it was more likely that I would have bought four.  I don’t know why, but that’s kind of how my brain works.  I just have to go stash diving and try to find it.  If I do own it, that is…

And tiny knitted genitals?  Just a slight variation on a moose antler.  Who knew?  Moose antler, not moose knuckles.  =)

 Look at you and all the pictures!

Jill B.


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