Halfway There

Oh my goodness!! I almost peed my pants yesterday when I read your post. Since you have the “know-how” now, you should write a tutorial on knitted genitals. That would be pretty sweet! Teach me, teach me!

I’ve seem to have had the same weight vs. yardage dilemma with regards to the spun sock yarn. How is it that you can buy 360 yards/4 oz of manufactured sock yarn, but the hand spinning comes up so short? I’ve only spun up one skein for socks so don’t have a lot of experiences to compare. That may be why I’m a little freaked about how off my WPI is on the Sheep to Shoe singles. I can’t imagine spinning it any thicker because the final 3 ply would be huge (at least to my eye), but I can’t reconcile the math. Well, bottom line, all I can say is I feel your pain.

In the meantime, I’ve been plugging along on my Cables and Corrugated socks. I finished the bind off on the first sock this morning and have been cruising along on the toe of the second. I’m still pretty under the gun to finish by Tuesday, but I think it’s within the realm of possibility. Here… let me try to put up a photo so you can see…

Yay!!! it worked! I know how you feel about sock photos, so I did my best to not show any skin or point my toes too much 😉 The cuff ended up two rings shorter than the pattern called for, but it still looks good on. I was a little nervous about finishing with enough for the other sock. I did weigh the yarn after each repeat and stopped about 6 grams short of halfway thru the ball. I was thinking that the one thing I might do differently next time would be to knit the rolled part inside out. Check out this pic. I like it much better.

See what I mean…? I think the pattern is nice for the really droopy kids version, but not so much for an adult sock. Maybe it would have looked better with the cables, but I omitted them on the front cause I thought it would be too much with the crazy yarn. Anyway, I’m still learning.

So I think I’ve figured out the secret to the Flicker picture thing. Feel free to point and laugh if you figured this out already, but after you paste the image location you have to click outside the box and the dimension will automatically show up. Then you can click upload (or whatever the button says). Stupid, but that’s how it works.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work…



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