So close to halfway there

I didn’t know about the GLASG meeting being this week either. Well, now I know what we’ll be doing on Saturday morning. I would love to work more on my sheep to shoe kit, but I fear all my crafty time will be dedicated to my Cat Bordhi socks. I’ve got about 6hours left on the first one. I must cast on the second in the next 24hours to keep on schedule to finish before my retreat. This morning in my haste to knit as much as possible, I kept dropping stitches and having to rescue them with tweezers. It was mildly comedic and if I wasn’t so freaked out about screwing up the whole thing I would have taken a photo. Alas, maybe I’ll have to go digging for that crazy llama shot instead.




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2 responses to “So close to halfway there

  1. Will you two be doing fiber dyeing any time soon?

  2. jborders

    Not planned as of yet, but you never know. I’m up for some group dyeing!

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