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A post before I head out

Hi Jill B!

So I’ve been all hot and bothered about the muir shawl and got the yarn and printed out the pattern and stuff. I’ve even considered getting involved with beads. My biggest dilemma was that I joined the muir KAL on yahoogroups and everyone is starting the shawl on Nov 15th. So by the time I get back from my meditation retreat I’ll be way behind. To top it all off, now there’s that ravishing raven shawl you were talking about. Do you think it would be too complicated for me to try? If you’re as into it as I am (which it seems like you are ;-), maybe we can try it together once it gets published… Might be a good after the holidays project. You know you need new yarn to start off the new year right!

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the sock. I can use all the moral support I can get right now. I may just barely finish before I leave for my meditation retreat. All I have left is the leg. But according to my calculations, that’s still eight hours worth of knitting. I should have worked on it some last night, but I pretty much just went to bed. Feeling much too sickers to do anything productive. Here’s a visual update of where I’m at, taken just moments ago…











Is it just me or is there a lot more yellow in the second sock than the first. I didn’t realize these skeins were so irregular. I was also a little annoyed that there was a knot in it. I wasn’t sure what to do with it at the time and didn’t have the internet handy to look up some fancy Russian join or other crazy thing, so I just re-knotted it in a different place so it wouldn’t end up on the sole. All and all, I do really love these socks. They fit so snug! They were also really interesting for me to knit. I’m really starting to get the hang of Cat Bordhi’s techniques. She’s a genius! Though, next time I think I’ll pick something that has less purling cause I’m really slow at that.

So about your velvet scarf for your sister… I didn’t realize that yarn was feltable. How cool! Can’t wait to see it. Oh, and congrats on your amazing shawl show n’ tell at the guild meeting. I can’t wait to see it in person! Jason took great photos! See…














Thanks Jason for all the great shots!

So, I’ll be incommunicado until Nov 26th. Hey, that’s perfect though cause we’ll be able to catch up at the Culver City Stitch n’ Bitch on Monday night. I should be pretty interesting to talk to at that point, having just come out of 10 days of noble silence!

xo, JP


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Finishing stuff

I was so productive this weekend.  It was incredible.  I got off work early on Friday, so I did laundry, took in a roll of film to be developed, went grocery shopping and finally finished some yarn that I spun months ago.  I also pinned out my 3-cornered shawl for blocking before I left the house that morning.  I thought that it would be quick, but it took me like forty minutes to pin the stupid thing out.  It is like six feet long, so I had trouble finding somewhere to put it.  It eventually went on my bedroom floor.  I only have two small-ish foam core boards for blocking, so I had to use towels in the middle section.  And T pins do not work very well on a towel as it turns out.  I had to pin it directly into my rug.  I was using the Myrna Stahlman blocking wires, but had to overlap them since the shawl was so big.  If I had a better blocking surface this probably would have been easy though.  It was just very fumbly.  I had done an immersion block, so the shawl was all wet, and I was trying to figure out how to do the points on the edging.  I eventually just randomly jammed the wires though the ends of the points and called it good.  By the time I was finished I was an hour late to work.  Hmm.

Here’s the shawl all pinned out:

And here’s a close-up:


Jason took some pictures of me showing it off at the spinning guild meeting.  Here’s the link:

I hope this won’t be the only time I ever wear it!  But seriously it’s kind of huge and I don’t have much of an occasion for that kind of thing.

The yarns that I finished were a 2-ply yarn that I spun out of Crosspatch Creations, using a worsted-type spinning style.  I had to rinse it out a bunch of times because the color was leeching so much.  The water looked like tea.  I eventually just got tired of rinsing it out so decided not to care that the water wasn’t coming out clear.  I also set the twist on a 2-ply 80/20 merino/tussah yarn.  This one was spun using a long-draw.  I tend to not put enough twist in using woolen techniques, so need to work on that.  I also soaked a single spun from some indigo-dyed merino I bought from Margarete from Stick and Stone.  It was my first attempt at a somewhat bulkier yarn.  It didn’t work out that great, pretty uneven and not that thick either!  I thought I would try to finish/full it like Judith mentions, but I was a little hesitant.  What’s to stop it from just felting all together all crazy.  But I really wanted to be sure that I stabilized it more since it’s just a single.  I made a compromise and was a little more aggressive with squishing it around in the soap and rinses.  But I certainly didn’t pull out the plunger or rinse it in cold water.  I maybe should have weighted it down to get rid of some of the twist, but I didn’t want to lose elasticity.  I took pictures of them, but haven’t had the energy to upload them to flickr yet.  Maybe next time. 

I’m getting close to done on the Cedar Dancing socks.  Coming up to the toe on the second sock. 

I’m about to start the third and final ball on the Vintage Velvet scarf.  It’s going to be a little short, but not really anything I can do about it now. 

Have fun on your retreat!  Hopefully I’ll have lots to show you when you get back!

Jill B.

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Have you seen the new Raven colors at Blue Moon?  Holy shit.  I love them so much.  Anne from Knit Spot has been working on a shawl pattern out of it, and it looks really cool.  The decision is if I want to order some of it now or wait until there’s some sort of pattern or kit.  I think there’s going to be some kind of book eventually.  I could even order a sheep 2 shoe kit of it!  But that sounds awfully ambitious.  I made a pair of socks out of Lorna Laces Black Purl colorway that ended up kind of muddled in an actual sock pattern.  The pattern would have worked better with something less varigated.  I think I really need to not order anything right now. 

That sock looks really good!  I thought it would look crazier than it actually does, with that color and everything.  But it turned out really nice.  You finished it in pretty good time, so you should get the other one done before you leave. 

I knit up the first ball of Touch Me that I had for that scarf, and am going to switch over to the sock.  At least until I get home and can start the second ball.  I only have three balls total.  One ball amounted to about 14 inches of scarf.  It could maybe be stretched a little though.  But that only gives me a 42″ scarf.  A little short.  And it is going to be felted, which according to the book isn’t going to affect the size much.  But hmmm.  There’s a offhand chance that I do own a fourth ball.  I bought it at half off, which means it was more likely that I would have bought four.  I don’t know why, but that’s kind of how my brain works.  I just have to go stash diving and try to find it.  If I do own it, that is…

And tiny knitted genitals?  Just a slight variation on a moose antler.  Who knew?  Moose antler, not moose knuckles.  =)

 Look at you and all the pictures!

Jill B.

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Halfway There

Oh my goodness!! I almost peed my pants yesterday when I read your post. Since you have the “know-how” now, you should write a tutorial on knitted genitals. That would be pretty sweet! Teach me, teach me!

I’ve seem to have had the same weight vs. yardage dilemma with regards to the spun sock yarn. How is it that you can buy 360 yards/4 oz of manufactured sock yarn, but the hand spinning comes up so short? I’ve only spun up one skein for socks so don’t have a lot of experiences to compare. That may be why I’m a little freaked about how off my WPI is on the Sheep to Shoe singles. I can’t imagine spinning it any thicker because the final 3 ply would be huge (at least to my eye), but I can’t reconcile the math. Well, bottom line, all I can say is I feel your pain.

In the meantime, I’ve been plugging along on my Cables and Corrugated socks. I finished the bind off on the first sock this morning and have been cruising along on the toe of the second. I’m still pretty under the gun to finish by Tuesday, but I think it’s within the realm of possibility. Here… let me try to put up a photo so you can see…

Yay!!! it worked! I know how you feel about sock photos, so I did my best to not show any skin or point my toes too much 😉 The cuff ended up two rings shorter than the pattern called for, but it still looks good on. I was a little nervous about finishing with enough for the other sock. I did weigh the yarn after each repeat and stopped about 6 grams short of halfway thru the ball. I was thinking that the one thing I might do differently next time would be to knit the rolled part inside out. Check out this pic. I like it much better.

See what I mean…? I think the pattern is nice for the really droopy kids version, but not so much for an adult sock. Maybe it would have looked better with the cables, but I omitted them on the front cause I thought it would be too much with the crazy yarn. Anyway, I’m still learning.

So I think I’ve figured out the secret to the Flicker picture thing. Feel free to point and laugh if you figured this out already, but after you paste the image location you have to click outside the box and the dimension will automatically show up. Then you can click upload (or whatever the button says). Stupid, but that’s how it works.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work…


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Knitted icons

I have the strange desire to get this book:  Knitting Icons.  What did it was seeing a picture of the Borat doll.  But I do really hate sewing on facial features and doing that kind of thing.  Once I made a little naked man doll for my old roommate.  I had to make up how to knit his genitals.  It did turn out pretty good.  But I got too lazy to put hair on him.  He just had eyebrows and pubic hair.  Anyway, long story short, I’m intrigued about knitting dolls, but kind of hate doing it. 

 I finished the cuff of the Cedar Dancing socks I was working on.  It only took me an hour and a half once I realized I could split it onto more than two needles.  This cuff is smaller than the first one since I’m doing it in the correct size,  so it kind of looks tiny.  It should be okay.  I think I’m going to switch over to the scarf for my sister now though.  At least get a little bit going.

I skeined the 3-ply that I spun, but it was only 119 wraps on the Niddy Noddy.  Best case scenario only 238 yards.  That’s not too good for socks.  Shouldn’t I be able to get a pair of socks out of 4 oz of yarn?  Maybe it’s thicker than it should be.  Don’t tell me they have to be ankle socks!  Bleh.


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Here he is… the Crazy Llama

Okay, so I managed to get the photo up, but don’t know why it worked this time and not five minutes ago when I tried in the previous post. Jill, you’re totally right about needing the dimensions for the photo. That was the only difference. The thing is, I don’t know why the dimensions showed up automatically this time but not before. It’s a mystery!



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So close to halfway there

I didn’t know about the GLASG meeting being this week either. Well, now I know what we’ll be doing on Saturday morning. I would love to work more on my sheep to shoe kit, but I fear all my crafty time will be dedicated to my Cat Bordhi socks. I’ve got about 6hours left on the first one. I must cast on the second in the next 24hours to keep on schedule to finish before my retreat. This morning in my haste to knit as much as possible, I kept dropping stitches and having to rescue them with tweezers. It was mildly comedic and if I wasn’t so freaked out about screwing up the whole thing I would have taken a photo. Alas, maybe I’ll have to go digging for that crazy llama shot instead.



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